This case happened to me five years ago, it can be called both comical and sad. But judge for yourself. I am 40 years old, and until recently, I was considered an exemplary family man. We live in a small town on the Volga, bring up two sons.
Our marital relationship is not beyond the scope of conventional morality, that is, no frills in bed, my wife is not allowed. And one had to happen: after 15 years of marriage, I first discovered the joys of sex unknown.

Being a business trip to Moscow, I went to visit his old friend. Peter left our town to the capital immediately after leaving school to go to college. He successfully learned, married a Muscovite, and at the time of the events he lived with his family in a communal flat in the Old Arbat.

On the occasion of my arrival the table was laid. We chatted animatedly, recalling his school years. Peter’s wife was listening to us and smiled. Suddenly the door opened, stood on the threshold of brightly painted lady. It turned out that it is a neighbor of my friends – Svetlana. “It is possible for you to the light?” – She asked. A woman seated at the table, poured wine, and our festive evening continued. Light given me signs of attention, and I am not strongly resisted. With her words, I learned that my dear widow lives alone and suffers from loneliness.

When it’s time to go to bed, Light said in a weary voice: “And do not want you, Basil, warm bed, a single woman?” I am stunned by such an immodest proposal, and my friend Peter said with a laugh: “I do not advise me to you, John, involved with her! Our sosedushka not as alone as you Napela here. More infection some will pick up! ”

“But-but, Petrushka – wagged a finger Sveta – I can assure you that all my gentlemen only decent people. And besides, my main rule – safe sex! “Sweaty drunk liquor, I dutifully followed into the room to the lovely widow.

The condom, as a reliable barrier against infection with sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS, is not able to provide protection against a number of dangerous infections. Unprotected sex can not protect sexual partners from the disease scabies, pubic lice transmission, infection with herpes, human papilloma virus, some forms of syphilis. Therefore, after casual sex should undergo preventive examinations and, if necessary, the doctor will prescribe the appropriate treatment.
Edward Naydenov, venereal disease.

While the lady was well over 40, she looked great. Quickly undressed, she appeared in front of me in black lace lingerie, successfully sets off her snow-white skin. Svetlana herself took off my shirt and pants, and began gently stroking my body. Her fingers slid around, gently delayed nipples, stroked the thigh, tickled testicles. And I also gave vent to his hands: kneading her breasts through the fabric of the bra, penetrated into the most restricted space between beautiful female legs. Already rather excited, I tried to knock him down Svetochka on his back and tore off her clothing remnants, make that, what came here.
Widow, breaking out of my arms and whispered: “Only safe sex!” She gestured magician pulled a condom from somewhere and took the gum in her mouth, began to pull her lips on my dick. I just howled with delight! About this in bed with his wife had not even dream of! Working tongue through the thin latex, Light minute brought me to orgasm.

Removing gum from my body blowers, widow lay down beside me on the bed and continued his caresses. Very soon I realized that once again ready for action. Putting on my cock a new gum, Light got on all fours and let go into her pussy from behind. I growled like an angry beast, will drive his penis to the full depth. We changed positions several times, bringing each other up to the point of exhaustion. Needless to say, that after the boring nights at the marital bed, that night of love was for me a real fairy tale.

Returning home from a trip, I, of course, nothing did not tell his wife. And the one Peter, though, and did not approve of my behavior, and promised not to disclose the fact of treason. Flowed ordinary everyday life.
So, after about a month, my wife tells me that she had to go to the hospital because of severe itching in the perineum. “Basil, – says the wife, breaking with emotion, – the doctor said you also need to be examined. It – ploshitsy! But how could this stuff come from? ”

Ploshitsami called pubic lice, parasites in the hairy part of the external genitalia. Parasites have kraboobraznuyu shape and very small size (up to 3 mm). The insects invisible to the naked eye, feed on the blood of man, which is expressed in the emergence of multiple bluish spots in the site of the bite, allergic rashes and unbearable itching, especially at night. Infection occurs during sexual intercourse with a carrier of the disease, as well as through common goods (towels, bedding, and so on. N.). Symptoms can appear immediately, since the period of maturation adults is 24 days, and the traces of their life are found in 3-4 weeks. Pubic lice can only feed on human blood, they become infected by domestic or wild animals and birds impossible.
Anna Novikova, an epidemiologist.

“In a pancake! – I thought, scratching his scrotum – still lovely widow left me a keepsake of that stormy night. ” But how to explain all this to his wife? Her loyalty no doubt. And then it hit me! Just the other day our sons brought home wounded rook, and he lived in a box in the kitchen under the table. When we examined the sick bird, they found her under the wings of many small, bystrobegayuschih insects. Of course, rook treated with a special powder and insect was gone.

“It’s a rook, – I said, turning to his wife, – surely, lice scattered on the floor and got to us!”
“Oh my God! – Clasped hands husband – our boys, too, can become infected by this stupid bird! ”

In general, it is believed! Fortunately, nothing like sons found. And my wife and I recovered quickly enough. But since my wife is disgusted looking at all the animals and birds, including their source of dangerous diseases.