Our cruise ship left from Fort Lauderdale, near Miami, right on schedule. I had to spend more than a week in a double cabin alone. My girlfriend Lilly, with whom we were planning the trip, due to unforeseen circumstances, stayed in the United States. But we have agreed that it will arrive in Spain to sit on an airplane and ship in Cadiz.

Lesbian sex

My name is Jean, more precisely Dzhinivera. We Lilly lesbians. Dominant in relationships belongs to me, but I do not consider myself to be bucham rather belong to the dikes. But my sweet Lilly typical PEM.

Our reference:
Butch – so called masculine brutal lesbian, adhering to the masculine style behavior and style of dress.
Dyke – Lesbian wagon, have a tendency to flirt with both Butch and with FEM. The clothes do not accept the monotony of a dike can walk in skirts and classic men’s suit.
Pham – a sample of femininity, often passive lesbian little interest partner satisfaction.

The cabin was stuffy with no windows, and I decided to go up on deck to get some air. It was a starry April night. And then I saw the railing Woman wrapped in a blanket. “Hey, Miss!” – I called. The girl turned around. I remembered seeing her the day in a restaurant with a gray-haired gentleman, probably the father. She was a petite blonde, well, the spitting image of Marilyn Monroe. “Mrs. – corrected me stranger, – my name is Mrs. Jonathan Milk.”

I went closer. From the girls proceeded subtle scent of expensive perfume, her plump wrists decorated with gold bracelets. Enticing shape of her body, guess through the fabric plaid, irresistibly attracted. I longed to drag the beauty in bed. But how to do that? How to react to a girl lesbian love? Would not that be a betrayal of the Lilly? Give answers to my questions no one could, and I decided to act.
“Are you cold? – I asked – and then we could drink a sip of whiskey. ” To my surprise, she agreed after a moment’s thought. We went down to my cabin, the girl settled in his chair, throwing off his blanket. My God! – She was in a light translucent peignoir, through which it appeared as a splendid lush chest in all its glory. Why it came in a form on the deck at night?

After a glass of whiskey girl flushed, he began to talk incessantly. I learned that her name is Mary, she is 22 years old, gray-haired Jonathan she was not the father, and her husband, her senior by nearly half a century. But he is rich. “Fabulously rich!” – Rolling his eyes, Mary chirped.

I went back to the chair and unfolded the head girl, interrupted the chatter, passionate kiss. Her wide eyes were notes of surprise, but she did not resist. My hands slid over her shoulders, Mary, clasped her tender breasts. Through the thin material peignoir I began to caress her fingers hard nipples while kissing her snow-white neck of the girl. The girl trembled from my caresses languid sigh every touch.

The situation went out of control and clearly demanded the continuation. I pulled off her jeans and T-shirt, and picked up the beauty of your hands, suffered her to bed. Mary was breathing intermittently, causing her chest heaving snow-white wave. Under peignoir girls did not have panties. Why is she walking around at night like this?

Parting shapely legs excited Mrs. Milk (Milk! White boiling milk!), I tickled her clitoris with a finger. Mary bent over the body of her throat broke a long sweet moan. Poor girl! We see her husband could not give her anything like that! I glared at her lips open rosebud, tongue penetrated the vagina. Warm wave ran through my body when a girl several times gasp, squeezed my head hips …

The female orgasm

The female orgasm – a very delicate process, which involves not only tactile sensations, and attitudes. Other girls enough to imagine yourself in bed with your loved one to get satisfaction. And when intercourse with a man, orgasm, or may be absent altogether, or to be less bright. So in this case we can speak of a hypersensitivity both partners, have fun rather on a psychological level. Irritation of the genitals plays, though important, but secondary.
Viktor Tretyakov, a doctor-sexologist.

Over the next seven days, Mary came to my cabin every night. We indulged in a hot caresses, giving each other an unforgettable experience. “I’ve never cheated on her husband – whispered whenever Mrs. Milk in my ear – but you’re a woman, you can be.”

Indeed, it is considered whether lesbian love adultery?
When in the Spanish village of Cadiz on the ship, my Lilly, our nights have become more heated. Threesomes. But that’s another story.