Near my institute I have recently opened a new cafe and I went there for dinner. Behind the bar was always one and the same young man. On the expensive coffee I had no money, so I ordered a cup of cocoa and sat at a distant table, because that would oversee the work of the bartender. He was good-looking: dark, slightly curly hair, broad shoulders, bulging muscles.

The smile never left his face as he was preparing drinks and serve visitors. When I looked at him from his hiding place, my eyes mist, and his chest began to billow from the breathing quickens.

Sexual arousal in both men and women can occur in different circumstances. More often it is the result of conscious actions and deeds. For example, during foreplay partners, self-stimulation of genitals, viewing images and erotic films.

Sometimes excitation is in addition to the will of man, regardless of his wishes. For example, when monitoring copulating pets, random witness sexual assault other people at the sight of the object of his passion for sex in inappropriate conditions. There is nothing anomalous in such a situation, at least once in his life, each person gets.
Allen Martinez, a psychologist.

– Honey, I want you, I want right here!
– Yes, I want it!

He stared at my lips a gentle kiss while climbing hand section of my blouse. My nipples are swollen with excitement. My hand grabbed his penis and caressed the strained it through a cloth uniform trousers. Our kiss lasted forever, the guy pulled me to the bar, and lifting my leg bent at the knee, put his penis in my delicious wet pussy. I screamed with delight and hugged the bartender’s neck. His movements are accelerated, with each thrust my body sank into the ocean of immense pleasure. “More, more, more!” – I groaned. Finally, my body began to shake on the coming orgasm. His head was spinning, I tickled the tongue of her lover’s earlobe, and he squeezed my ass with both hands.

– How beautiful you are!
– I want you! Many want!

I was breathing heavily, clutching a snow-white napkin, and kept her eyes on the figure of the bartender, who was standing at his workplace. Unfortunately, our tryst was just a figment of my imagination.

Erotic fantasies, as the game of the brain can have adverse effects on sexual sensuality. Sex is, to a greater extent, the scope of the physical sensations than emotional. Indulging in fantasies, the man blocking the underlying mechanisms of the pleasure of a real intercourse. Often, this fact causes impotence in men and frigidity in women. That is, people of both sexes can not enter into normal sexual relations, which differ from the imaginary, the most beautiful and incredibly pleasant, conditions.
Jim Futures, a psychologist.

Counting balances scholarship in her purse, I resolutely walked to the counter. It is time to finally meet you. Otherwise, I go crazy. I bought the most expensive chocolate bar and the writing on the wrapper: “Hi! My name is Rosalie, “returned it to the bartender.
“This is for you! – I said – a small gift as a token of our future relations. ”

He looked at the label and smiled. I think the guy realized what I expect from him. He pulled back and a chocolate bar, leaning over the bar, told me in the ear drawn-pitched voice: “Mademoiselle Sorry, but I do not care for sweets. And in general, I love the boys.