One day, my parents went to town on business for 2 days, and I was left at home on the farm. We lived then in a small village where everyone knew each other. I was 18 years old, it is a big girl, to be able to milk a cow and feed to poultry.

Cope with affairs, I sat down at the computer to play your favorite game. And then I find out that the computer will not turn on. I called my classmate Slavik, to help me deal with the strike technique. Slavik did not come alone, with him was a strange guy. A classmate introduced him to his cousin who came to visit the village on vacation.

Guys do my computer, and I went to the kitchen to warm up the dinner to entertain his assistants. After 20 minutes, Slavik said that the work is finished, and I invited guests to the table. Guys was with a bottle of wine, and dinner was a lot of fun. Slavik then offered to play cards. His brother, Andrew, said that interest in the game is boring, and we began to play on the strip.

Girl, agreeing to play with erotic overtones, could not understand what was coming. You can explain the behavior of its naivety in balance with village life, where “all his,” and, therefore, nothing bad can happen. But on the other hand, perhaps she herself has sought to diversify boring pastime sexual adventure. Not every young woman was alone at home, dare to invite a man, if there are no serious reasons. Maybe a broken computer was only a pretext to satisfy their sexual desires?
Denis Vatyutin psychologist.

Soon I was only in panties and bra, but my guests did not took off and socks. In general, I just lost. I refused to take off her bra, then Slavik said that I must fulfill some desire to choose from. Andrew wrote something on a piece of paper and suggested that I pull. When I opened the note selected, then he laughed: “Oh, no, that you do not wait for me!” Slavik grabbed my paper and read aloud: “Take in the mouth.”

“Annie, you’re going to do it, – he said sternly classmate – card debt need to give!”
I did not know what to say. Andrew has already removed his pants and sat down in a chair, legs spread. Slavik pushed me in the back: “Come on, start!” I looked at him pleadingly, “Can you get away?”
The guy laughed, “No, I will control, so you do not schlock!”

Sighing, I knelt down in front of sitting in a chair, and Andrew grabbed his hand his penis. From my touch penis began to harden, and I even felt it interesting. I moved up and down the skin and watched with pleasure as a member increases in size. Andrew began to moan, and crouched on the floor a little away from us Slavik ordered: “In the mouth, Annie! In the mouth! ”
I licked the head and brackish, clasping her lips and began to suck dick Andrew. The guy moaned louder, holding my head over the back of the head. I felt very excited by these sounds, so completely fascinated by the process.

Then I heard a loud breathing Slavik. Slightly turning his head in his direction, I saw that he pulled the trousers up to the knees and quickly moves his hand over his penis. I was even more excited. I passionately started to handle the tongue and lips penis Andrew. Finally, he had finished, the Gulf sperm face and chest. My head was in his lap, and he stroked my head.
“Anya! Take it, please! “- Slavik poked his body excited me on the cheek. I got up and turned on his knees, took in his mouth a member of a classmate.

Unlike Andrew, Slavik was more rude and impatient. He pressed my head to his groin, hardly giving me move. The guy just fucked me in the mouth, not paying attention to who was sitting next to his brother.
“Ah-ah-ah!” – Shouted Slavik, releasing a stream of sperm and clutching her hands in my hair. Dodge had no chance, so I had to quickly swallow, so as not to drown.

I sat on the floor, all smeared with semen of two men. His head was spinning or from drinking wine at dinner, whether from this crazy blowjob.

Oral petting give pleasure for most men. However, this act can be interpreted in different ways. For loving couples blowjob is an expression of the highest trust in the partner. In cases when a man forces a woman to perform forced blowjob, he thus tries to humiliate her, to prove their superiority. When intimate relationships are beyond the scope of privacy, that is, they involved third parties, neither of which respect and trust to each other out of the question.
Timur Bakey, a sociologist.

“Okay, Annie, we went – Slavik said – again, if that happens to your computer, so you treat.”

When the door shut behind them, I did not know whether to laugh or cry to me. Well, actually, it’s good, so everything worked out, and in fact it could be quite different.