I sat in his room, angry at myself and the world. Parents for a week did not allow me to go out in the evenings, as we caught with Jack when we kissed in the stairwell. I do not want anything, I’m just sick of separation from her boyfriend. Phone and computer also were banned, I felt like a prison.

A few days ago we came to visit my older sister Maggie and her husband. They are already three years as a married and now live in Oregon. This afternoon, Maggie and Hadvin took me out of the university, then we have a little ride around the city, and after dinner, I locked myself in my room, trying to fall asleep faster. Tomorrow morning, we’ll see you again, Jack in the classroom. But not sleepy, so I began to re-read summary of today’s lecture.

About an hour of the night I decided to go down to the kitchen and take out of the fridge a bottle of Coke. Passing the sister’s room, I heard noises coming from there. The door was ajar and I peered into the bedroom. By the light of a lamp it was still clearly visible. Maggie stood on all fours, and Hedvin entered into her from behind wide sweeping movements.

“Oh-oh-oh!” – He cried the sister with every jolt. “Ah-ah-ah!” – Echoed her Hedvin. It was so great, that I could not take my eyes, looking like Maggie and her husband make love. I ran a hand myself in panties and started to rub her clitoris, this scene is so excited me that I felt I was about to swim. Especially Jack and I have a whole week were not together.

Sexual arousal that occurs when spying for sexual contact other people, called voyeurism. This perversion is not uncommon for young people with unsettled nervous system in the absence of a regular sexual life. As a rule, such a phenomenon takes place after the organization of normal sexual relations. If the same passion for voyeurism persists for a long time, then it is considered a mental disorder and requires treatment by a specialist.
Franz Kilbert, a psychologist.

“Oh-oh-oh! I still! “- Maggie moaned and fell silent. Hedvin, holding her ass with both hands and made several strong aftershocks and also stopped, clinging to little sister body. They fell to the side, and at that moment I saw Maggie. I had to run, but my legs seemed petrified, I did not even have time to pull his hand out of his pants.
“Come here, little shameless!” – Said the nurse. Hedvin smiling from behind Maggie, hugging his wife from behind and caressing her breasts. I stepped over the threshold of the bedroom and then froze, my teeth chattered with excitement and fear. The whole body was pounding as if in a fever.

Maggie came to me and put her arm around his shoulders: “You’re trembling, calm down, baby!” My sister put her hand on my chest, slid on his stomach and lifting the edge of the shirt, she slipped her fingers into my panties.
“Yes, it all flows!” – Maggie laughed, referring to her husband. Hedvin lying on a bed with a smile watching us.
“You did not have a boyfriend?” – I asked the sister.

And then I burst into tears, complaining parents who forbade me to meet with Jack. Maggie kissing my wet face, both hands caressing my breasts.
“Yes, you take off that damn shirt already!” – Said the nurse. I blushed, glancing eyes on Hedvina. Maggie laughed pulled off my shirt and pushed to the bed.

“Beautiful my sister?” – Asked the sister, referring to her husband.
“Mm-m … Nothing like this, but you’re the best!” – Said Hedvin.
“Do not flirt – Maggie smiled, – I want you to take it right now!”
“Do not invent – Hedvin said – why did you provoke me?”
By listening to their dialogue, I started to reach a sense of what my sister conceived.

“Can I go,” – I said, hugging herself for shoulders to cover the bare breasts.
“No, Lizzy, you now get it, why come here,” – said with a smile, and Maggie, came to the door, he closed it and latched.
Sister squatted around my feet and pulled off my panties. Her fingers began to caress my clit and then she clung to my pussy lips, tongue wading into the vagina. From embarrassment was gone, I was moaning with pleasure.
“You do not mind my little Lizzy, if Hedvin take you?” – Maggie asked, interrupting his magical caress. “Yeah-ah!” – And could only moan I gripped strongly excited.

Maggie pushed me and I fell back on the bed. Hedvin, he pulled me to him, my body turned to the side and pressed his erection into my ass. I am sick of desire, feeling his hot penis slips between my thighs.
The sister lay next to me and started licking my nipples, while her husband was holding my waist, trying to get into my pussy from behind expiring moisture.
“Ah-ah-ah!” – I could not help crying when a member Hedvina finally got into my vagina. It was so large that it seemed that I will break in two.
“Be careful, my dear, – Maggie said, turning to her husband – you’re hurting her!”

Hedvina movements were very slow, I had the most fed back after his elusive member. This fun with Jack, I had never experienced. Sister finger caressed my clit, and her husband continued to make slow, shallow thrusts.
“I can not hurt-she-s-ee!” – Plangent cry burst from my throat, and I felt complete exhaustion. His head swam, swam before his eyes colored pictures. Such an orgasm I experienced for the first time in his life.

Hedvin froze, but I felt that his penis is still big and hard. Maggie pressed my head to his, kissing my shoulders and neck. Her husband, though, and was not going to leave my body, making gentle movements, holding my waist.
A new wave of orgasm enveloped me in a few minutes, and my body arched from the sweet spasms.

“Well, that’s enough, my dear, – cooed sister – girl quite swam.” Member Hedvina slowly slipped out of my vagina, and I felt an extraordinary lightness and fatigue. I was very, very good, I turned to the man and kissed him on the lips as a sign of gratitude. I was surprised by the size of his penis, after all it was, he was still excited.
“If you want, you stay,” – said Maggie, sitting astride on the penis of her husband.

“Oh, what are you my sweet!” – Groaned Hedvin when his sister, resting his hands on his chest, completely down on a member. It is strange that he did not utter a word until making love with me. I even felt a little sad, and I gathered their belongings, slipped out of the room.

Some people believe that sexual pleasure derived from different women, has significant differences. It is peculiar to think some young people doing their first steps in sexual relationships. In fact, in terms of physiology, no differences in the degree of satisfaction during sexual intimate contact with any of the women did not exist. A significant role is played by the psychological and emotional state. That is, the beloved woman more desirable, and sex gives her more pleasure.
Julian French, psychotherapist.

I stood still a little behind the door, listening to their moans. It seemed that this would never end, so I went into the shower and then went to sleep soundly in their beds. Good thing our parents’ bedroom on the first floor. I hope they did not hear anything.