In one of the quiet spring evening I was bored, sitting alone in his apartment. “In the movie, or something to go?” – I wondered. The theater I went rare, and why, when on TV, you can see anything. Especially to go to the movies one not very interesting. Invite someone from the friends? But for all the family, children. I had time in the 25 twice married and divorced hastily, and the new novel is like not to have.

I put on my favorite dress, a little touched up her lips and went to the cinema, which was not far from my house. By purchasing a ticket for the next session, I settled into the chair of the auditorium. Nearby was a lot of empty seats, because the film turned out to be an old Indian melodrama, which has already been shown on television several times.

When the session started, next to me sat a guy with a huge bucket of popcorn. “Help yourself!” – He offered the young man, turning to me. While I deftly fished out of his popcorn bucket, the man stared at the screen. Probably I saw this movie for the first time. But suddenly I felt his hand on my knee. I did not show it and continued hrumkat sweet corn. Taking my silence for consent, the guy began to climb higher and higher under the hem of my dress. And then I would prefer not to make a sound – this game is beginning to excite me.

I suppose that the girl was subconsciously prepared for such a development. Going to the movies, even though it is not mentioned in the story may have been taken specifically for the purpose of acquaintance with a man. Having experience in sexual life (two marriages, two divorces), a young woman is deliberately looking for a partner to meet their needs. Therefore, the fact that she did not give rebuff man seems quite natural and logical fact.
Alla Surovtseva psychologist.

“What’s your name?” – The young man whispered in my ear. “Lyuba!” – I lied, calling first came to mind the name. My voice was trembling, and the guy seen realized that I was floating on his caresses. He took my hand and placed it on his erection. Even through his jeans to feel how big and hard. “Like it?” – The man asked. I nodded, because nothing could be said – the guy already pulled the fabric of my panties and stroked my pussy finger.

I was breathing hard, still agitated stronger. “Let’s go” – pulled my hand, my new friend. We passed quite was not in the top row of the auditorium, where people are. Here he continued his caresses, which made my pussy become quite wet. Finally, he unbuttoned his jeans and set free his cock, let me pet him. The penis was big and hot, I felt like it even more increases from my touch.

“Privstan bit” – the man whispered. I got up from his chair and leaned his hands on the seat back of the bottom row. The guy pulled my panties to her knees and clasped her waist, sat me down on his erect penis. He did not get the first time in the pussy, so I sat up a little, and she has sent his penis into her wet hole.

“Well done, Lyubasha!”, – Said the young man quietly in my ear. He was holding my hips, and I started to move up and down on his hot penis. Resting his hands on the back of the chair, I tried to move slowly, to prolong the pleasure. Sensing the approach of orgasm, I could not restrain myself, and started jumping up and down on his cock like a ball.

Although we behaved pretty quietly, almost without making any sound, our fuss has not gone unnoticed – one or the other person from the front rows have turned around several times in our direction. At such moments, I totally fell on her knees boy and froze. And he tightly wrapped around my waist, slightly shaking his hips. As I felt my vagina was filled with moisture such regular landing. “I have everything,” – he whispered the boy and squeezed my breasts hands. At the same moment I felt complete impotence on the coming orgasm.

I would call it an unforgivable outrage and lightheadedness from the girl. How can you engage in sexual intercourse with a stranger in a public place, so even without the use of personal protective equipment? The most harmless consequence of such a situation could be pregnancy. But do not forget about the high risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS. By the way, a recent increase in cases where HIV-positive people especially have sexual relations with strangers guys and girls, so as to take revenge on society for their disease. You have to be very, very careful and should contact immediately after casual sex in a medical institution for the purpose of handling the genitals to prevent disease infection transmitted through sexual contact.
Viktor Tretyakov, a doctor-sexologist.

The film has not yet ended, when I was released from the clutches of his sudden lover and hurried toward the exit. Fortunately the street was dark, and to the house only a few minutes walk. Sticky sperm stuck on my hips, only desire was to take a shower as soon as possible. Later, sitting on her couch with a cup of coffee, I realized that I do not even know the name of the guy, and he has not left his contacts, in addition to a fictional name. Enjoy it or upset? What if we could break out between the real feeling? As a man he liked me very much!