Sitting in a chair in the waiting room Schiphol airport, I was counting the minutes before the flight, which was to take me from Amsterdam to Paris. The two-day medical symposium, where I was delegated by our neurological clinic, came to an end. To pass the time, I was looking through the documents in your laptop. Suddenly, the phone buzzed, SMS came from his wife:
-You Already left?
– No, at the airport.
– You told me it did not change?
– Not yet, but I hope to have sex on the plane.
– Scoundrel! “Angry smiley”.
– I love you, honey! “Smiley Smile”.

“Are you gay?” – Voiced female voice tore me away from dialogue with his wife. I looked up. In front of me stood a tall brunette with bright lipstick, short dress exposes her slender tanned legs. “No, ma’am, I’m not gay” – I said to her in English. She laughed, and at the same time, her eyes blurred with tears. She sank into a chair next to me, his feet up on one another. “All of you here blue!” – She said with a sob. I handed her a clean handkerchief, and explained that I live in France, happily married and about to become a father. My Lucy was already in the seventh month.

“Oh la la!” – He cried new friend and went to the French. Because it is inconsistent speech, I realized that she is a native of Saint-Etienne, came to the Netherlands three days ago at a meeting with the beloved, whom six months corresponded on the Internet. The guy klyavshiysya in love and faithfulness, were representatives of homosexual. And Claire (we are already familiar) flies home, deeply disappointed in the whole male population of our planet.

Here announced registration for the flight, and she flew off, picked up his briefcase easy road. In the plane, I once again saw Claire, our seats were almost there. Before take-off, whispering with a flight attendant, she moved over next to me. Interior liner was filled with little more than half, so that transition is not caused objections. Finally, we took off. We had to spend the journey takes about one and a half hours, I closed my eyes, intending to get some sleep.
Suddenly I felt a soft feminine palm on his knee. Nimble fingers climbed ever higher. I caught his hand and squeezed it Claire painfully, angrily cursing. “Are you gay,” – said the girl in the affirmative. “No, I’m not gay!” – I muttered through clenched teeth. She pulled her hand out of my hand and turned half-turned, looking straight into my eyes, started to unbutton his fly of my pants. Well, what would you do in my place? It was to stop this raging fury? It remained only to rely on the mercy of chance.

Abstinence may affect male sexual function in both directions. Much depends on the age and the duration of the period of abstinence. Some men who did not have full sex for 2-3 weeks, only a light touch to the genitals, to come into a state of excitement. In the reverse situation, abstinence may adversely affect erectile function and lead to a partial loss of erection. In such cases, you may need medical intervention, that is an appeal to a psychologist and sexologist.
Michel Moreau, doctor-sexologist.

I tried to stay, but my dick did not share my determination. He rose to his full height to meet the unexpected affection, apparently affected the forced abstinence because his wife is pregnant. Sticking out his jacket, I covered this shamelessness. It seemed to me that all the passengers look at us, but most of all, no one would really care, most people snoring. Claire was breathing hard, I bit his lower lip to stop the sounds from my throat were straining. Unable to hold back any longer, I pulled her to his ass and sat on his lap. Burning with desire, pushing lacy fabric of her panties, I finally found the entrance to her hot bosom. ABOUT! This point is still often a dream to me, forcing tremble all over.

It took me just a few moves to get the sweet satisfaction. Claire fidgeted a couple of minutes on my limp dick with a deep sigh and hugged me naked flesh.

Represent sex in an unusual place is typical of many people. Next thing mental fantasies usually do not reach. However, when the situation occurs in reality, both partners are experiencing an acute pleasure. What is important is not the sexual act itself, occurring with little or no foreplay and caresses, and the risk of being “caught” bystanders. Under the influence of such a danger of an orgasm is particularly striking.
Pavel Semyonov, the doctor-psychologist.

I held his beautiful fellow traveler on his lap, wrapping floors jacket and gently kissing her neck. Gorgeous smell of her perfume and the proximity of a hot body fogs my head. Here you have the comic SMS about sex in an airplane! Our inadvertently issued words tend to come true …

At the airport Charles de Gaulle, our Boeing landed right on schedule. The terminal building I met Lucy. I’m almost disgusted look on her blurred figure and then caught himself. Better everything that happened to me was only a dream! But I was determined that my future daughter call Claire.