How would it not sound trite, many can deny the love from a distance, especially with a man who is in prison for years. But I have a choice, and the other was not, like to wait for him. I’m older than him by 20 years, and I, I thought there was nothing and does not shine. We met with Sasha to Facebook. The guy introduced himself a businessman, and we corresponded for about a month.

I waited for him messages like manna from heaven, well still! In my 45 I’ve never been married, and then I drew attention to the young handsome guy. How could I know that prisoners are allowed to have cell phones but still connected to the Internet? The fact that Sasha was in prison, he wrote to me at the time when I had time to fall in love with him, and the fact I was not even upset. Well, maybe just a little bit.

When I came to him on the first date, we spent almost a day together. He kissed me, hugged, whispered that he could not live without me. He was very rude, and insatiable sex. It took me only from behind, vsazhivaya his cock in my pussy so deep that I howled loudly in pain and pleasure. When I fell exhausted into a narrow prison bunk, forcing Sasha to make him a blowjob, my body was smeared with semen, but it is even more exciting.

“Come on, come on, Ninulka, get up!” – Ordered the man and I became bent, substituting him his ass, pushing his hands against the wall. It lasted most of the night, but no pleasure from sex, except for acute pain in the vagina I have not received. My body was burning, leaving the visiting room, I barely moved the legs.

The soreness during sexual intercourse is called dispareyniey. In addition to pain, the woman may feel a burning sensation, tingling, which occur at any stage of the sexual contact. This factor blocks the reception of pleasure, prevents us from obtaining the excitation and orgasm. The reasons for this phenomenon are varied, depending on the individual, as well as psychological factors. Not the last role and behavior of the partner, such as rudeness and disregard for the feelings of women.
Semen Sherkevich, a gynecologist.

After that, he began to ask me for money, I constantly sends him. That cigarette, then a new phone in the hope of another meeting, which, though not bring pleasure, but overstated my self-esteem through the roof. Less than a month, when Sasha started asking me for money to someone else’s bank card, with the name of some girl. I realized with horror that he had found another fool. But my love did not fade, I hoped that everything else will be adjusted.

We still talked Facebook, in one of the messages he admitted to me that I gave him was only a need for one night of crazy sex, I’m old and not at all to his taste. My heart was broken, but I could not believe it. I packed up and went to him, hoping that a new meeting will help to return the love.

He was waiting for me when I got to the colony, Sasha turned to leave me. I sat in the visiting room and cried. Guard came and began to soothe me. He handed me his handkerchief and sat down next to me. I do not know how it happened, but I embraced this stranger, and as intuitively and instinctively, she kissed him on the lips.

He threw me on the bed and unbuttoned my blouse and began kissing my breasts. Unlike Sasha, my new lover was very gentle. I swam the whole pleasure and she asked to have sex. I experienced the strongest orgasm, as soon as he has got a member in my pussy. But he continued to move slowly and brought me to the point of exhaustion a few more times.

Some experts believe that the ability to multiple orgasm has absolutely any woman. For this to happen, appropriate enabling environment. This normal sexual constitution of the woman, and the tact and the ability to partner. Often it happens that multiple orgasms occur only through sexual intercourse with a certain man, with another – there is no any sort of pleasant sensations.
Viktor Tretyakov, a doctor-sexologist.

Since then, my life has seen many changes, I was married to Sergei, and Sasha tried to forget as a bad dream.