With Sabine we meet for almost three months, but still we never hang myself to make love under normal conditions. Call her to his home, I could not, because there have always been my parents and younger sister. Sabina lived alone with his mother, and that, too, almost never left the apartment. Rented accommodation is not allowed scholarship. Therefore, our relations were reduced to quick sex in some empty auditorium of the University. Most often it was the blow that Sabina doing just great. And then I was not always able to reach orgasm, as always felt stress because someone might see us.

And that, in order to truly meet the girl, had a dream. It comes down to the fact that I caressed her pussy right hand during the lectures. We sat side by side on the farthest desk, and I put your hand under the skirt of Sabina. She was used to it and almost never wore panties. So even though we were as close to each other, but more is not reached. Having sex in the hallways or on the street Sabina flatly refused.

Women’s self-control often leads to the emergence of neurosis and depression. Also possible violations of the ovaries, uterus, bladder. Among the patients who underwent surgery for breast cancer, more than half did not have a regular sexual partner. Abstinence negative impact on the male body. Also, there may be problems with the nervous system and sexual dysfunction, up to impotence. But this should not be understood as a call to promiscuity. In any case, abstinence, threatening severe infection infectious disease less dangerous than promiscuity.
Andris Mariges, sex therapist.

Once after school my favorite said she invites me to his home. I have come to a complete delight, anticipating a night of mad love. I hugged Sabina to him and kissed her on the lips. We stood in the lobby of the university, and students and teachers walked past us. The girl blushed and pulled away from my arms.

– What are you so happy? I just want you to meet my mother.
– Damn! I thought that Mrs. Gray will not be home tonight.
– She’ll be home. So do not flatter yourself.

And here we come to Sabina’s house. Take the lift to the eighth floor, we stood for a moment on the court. I kissed the girl on the lips, squeezed her breasts. If no objection to Miss Gray, I’d take it right in the entrance. But she said that it was time to go, and pressed the call button.

The door opened a high middle-aged woman in a white apron over a woolen dress.
– Meet, Mother. This is Mark.
– Very nice! Sabina told me a lot about you.
After exchanging pleasantries, we walked into the room.
– You’ll wait a bit, I have a cake in the oven comes. Ten minutes later, we’ll drink tea.
– Mom, you do something to help?
– No, my daughter, I’ll manage.
– Then I’ll show Mark photo album.
– Of course, of course. Entertain gentleman.

Mrs. Gray went into the kitchen. Sabina pulled me into another room, where there was only a bed and a desk with a computer.
– Come quickly! We’ve got ten minutes. Mom would never depart from his cake all the time!
With these words, Sabina and let down my jeans with shorts and took in hand my cock. It was just a few movements of fingers of a girl that he came to the alert. Sabine pushed me on the bed, and she sat astride on my penis, which can be easily slipped into her hole. She was, as always no panties, I fondled her breasts hands and went crazy with pleasure. Sabin tried not to moan, moving up and down on my cock.

I held her ass, trying to extend a little bit fabulous pleasure. But Sabina’s movements became faster and faster, I was ready to release it to the entire stock of semen, accumulated over a long time of abstinence. At the last moment she jumped off my lap and got on all fours with the edge of the bed. I hesitated a little, as the head began to spin.
“Well, the faster – the evil whispered Sabina – we have very little time!”
I went back into her wet pussy and just kept screaming fun. Clinging to her buttocks, I have reached the very depths of her vagina.

“My Sweet!” – Breathed Sabina last jolt and slid with my penis, exhausted, stretched out across the bed. I stood over her, semen poured on her ass and legs. A little breath, the girl got up and pressed her breasts against my body. We stood in each other’s arms.

Apparently, she hoped by the interrupted sexual intercourse to avoid unwanted pregnancies. As has been mentioned, this method can not be considered reliable, and conception occurs in 90 out of 100 cases. To minimize the risk of becoming pregnant, nothing better than a condom mankind has not invented. I do not take into account IUDs and oral contraceptives, as their use is not always possible on the state of women’s health. Coitus interruptus poses a danger for men. Often in our clinic treated more very young people with complaints of problems in sexual life. Almost always it is necessary to diagnose the initial stage of prostatitis and from the survey it appears that the patient is regularly practiced PAP.
Benet Konberri, doctor-sexologist.

– Sabina! I set the table! Help me with the dishes! – Mrs. Gray’s voice.
– Now, Mom! – He shouted in response girl, still hugging my neck.

Sabine gave me a towel so I could wipe and put himself in order, and she slipped out of the bedroom, only odernuv her dress.
When I was a minute into the room, there was already laid the table for tea.
– Sit down, Mark! Sabina will be here, she suddenly decides to take a shower! – Mrs. Gray said.
Further evening was also nice, cute, we chatted and laughed. Then Sabina walked me to the door of the elevator, and we exchanged kisses. She promised that in the near future again invite me to visit, because her mother bake pies every Friday.