I sat in my room, climbing to his feet on the bed. From the living room came the sound of the TV, heard the voices of my parents’ younger sister Danielle. I knew that I did not hurt anybody enjoy conversation with my girlfriend Jeanie. Everyone thinks I’m asleep, exhausted preparing for university exams.

“Well, my dear Daniel, – said with a smile Gini – you are very tired, it would be time and relax!” I nodded my head in agreement with this proposal.

– My favorite, my boy, I’ll do it myself. I really want you to be good today. I’m burnin impatience!
With these words, the Gini began to unbutton her blouse. Turning back to me, she deftly flipped the clasp, then allowed a good look at her breasts. They were small, but very tempting. Dark circles around the nipples covered with pimples, when Jeanie began to knead the chest with both hands.

– Do you like it? Look, her nipples are already very hard, you can touch them.
I started to drive his fingers over the nipples of his girlfriend. Gini moaned, his head thrown back.

The nipple is an important erogenous zone for most women. Some of the fair sex can experience orgasm during stimulation of the breast and nipple. In medical practice described in cases where women have been sexual satisfaction during breastfeeding or expressing milk. However, both male nipples also have the ability to respond to the touch of excitement. Much depends on the mental attitude in a specific situation and individual characteristics of the organism.
Harald Hanson, physiologist.

I felt that my dick is asking for freedom, so quickly took off all his clothes, then turned back to the girl.
In the hands of the Gini proved banana. Slowly she released him from the skins and began to lick the tip of the tongue, smacking sweet and looking directly into my eyes.

– Oh, this is so cool! It’s so big and strong!
Looking like a tongue girl runs up and down the length of a banana, I squeezed his hand his penis and began to move his skin.
– Up and down, up and down … so-so, but do not rush! We still have plenty of time!
Her breasts with protruding nipples were so close that I could not restrain myself and worked hand faster and faster.
– Wait! How do you want today? Maybe you will enter into my pussy from behind?

Jeanie took off her skirt, panties easily slipped out and turned to me ass. She just leaned over and spread her legs. Her shaved pussy opened, and I saw that from her flowing juices pleasure.
She rubbed her clitoris with a finger, and I watched as it expanded petals delicate flower.

My hand began to move faster, I put his penis to open the hole and poured out a stream of sperm on her bare ass girlfriend.
Whitish liquid dripped on the Gini smiling face, then her breasts with protruding nipples invitingly.
– My love! I hope you are well? Then I disconnect …

Masturbation has a negative effect on the nervous system, as this method of sexual satisfaction does not allow the discharge to the fullest. Orgasm obtained during natural sexual intercourse, the body enters a state of rest. Ejaculation as a result of self-manipulation of the genitals for a long time can not completely relax. Hence, neuroses, and depression, and other mental disorders. But we should not exaggerate the harm of masturbation, listening to all sorts of tales and anecdotes. At the same time, often there are situations when a man loses the ability to perform normal sexual intercourse as a result of a well-established habit of self-satisfaction.
Benet Konberri, doctor-sexologist.

I also turned off the Skype on your plate, and mentally scolded myself for incontinence. Again you have to scour the screen, and in fact one could finish and pre-cooked towel. Although we are dealing with a Gini almost every night, I can not accustom myself to care.