The written exam in chemistry at the Medical College came to an end. On my sheet of paper, in addition to today’s date, there was nothing. Chemical formulas did it out of my head. The day before I had a fight with her boyfriend. His name Budd, six months later we were planning to get married. Now, because of a silly spat our wedding was under threat. Of course, this is not the first quarrel, but still unpleasant. Budd suggested I try anal sex, and then I sent him to hell. The hot African blood flowing in our veins, sometimes forced to commit insane acts.

“Miss Black, hand over the job” – tore me from the sad thoughts a voice professor Dolovana. I had not noticed that the bell rang, and I was left alone in the classroom. I went to the pulpit and handed Mr. Dolovanu blank sheet. He looked at me: “What does it mean? Why do not you write? ”
We had to do something. Score 2 for control I do not need. “Mr. Dolovan, let me wash my tubes in the laboratory, and you to me for this” offset “put” – I zakanyuchila. Sorokapyatiletney professor frowned. “Well, I march laborantskuyu!” – He commanded.
Rejoicing such luck, I ran to the lab. About half an hour later, when almost all the tubes have been washed, in walked Mr. Dolovan. “Well, it’s great – he said – but you will have to retake the exam.” “No, not that!” – Flashed through my head. I turned to the person standing behind me and the professor, looking him straight in the eye, took his hand and pulled tight to his chest, tightened the thin fabric of silk blouses.

White man blushed to the roots of his hair, but his hand is not pulled back. Emboldened, I started to unbutton his pants. Unleash professorial member, I began to tickle his fingers, gently move the skin. Dolovan at this time with both hands squeezed my breasts. Feeling that the penis Dolovana came to martial status, I slowly dropped to her knees and habitual movement took the male organ into the mouth. Do not think that I’m some kind of depraved girl. In my 19 years, I’m still a virgin. Just me and my fiance have agreed that the wedding between us is not real sex. A blowjob I did Budd regularly. In this art I have succeeded, so hoped to bring in a minute Dolovana to orgasm. But to my surprise, he did not hurry to cum in my mouth, in spite of all my efforts. Why is that? I think all the guys on this easy plod.

The popular belief that any man can get pleasure and orgasm through oral sex, is profoundly mistaken. Girl doing blowjob her boyfriend, certainly had time to study his erogenous zones, but in a situation with another man, this method simply does not load. It should be borne in mind that the same method of oral sex can lead to the delight of one man, and the other left completely untouched. It will take some time, during which the partners learn to understand each other, then the problem will disappear by itself.
Joshua Edwards, a doctor-sexologist.

Suddenly, the professor pulled back, and his erection slipped out of my mouth. Looking up from his squatting position, Dolovan firmly grabbed me from behind, one arm painfully squeezing my left breast. The other man’s hand began to pull off my panties. I jerked his body to escape. But he would not let me do it. “No, no, – I whispered – Do not do it, I am a virgin!”

He silently unbuttoned my blouse and began to gently caress my breasts, his hands slowly down on my waist to hips. That his finger his way to my clit and began stroking it lightly. Action man gave me incredible pleasure, my whole body was covered with sweat, my teeth were chattering from the surging excitement. Now it was my turn to moan loudly. “You have tried anal sex, girl?” – Whispered in my ear Dolovan. “No” – I gasped slightly. Unable to cope with nervous trembling, I was ready to surrender to the professor in any way.
Suddenly a knock on the door and ringing the woman’s voice said: “Mr. Dolovan, finish their experiments, time for dinner!”
“I’m almost finished now go up,” – flatly replied the professor.
I jerked to be released from the strong hands of men. But he firmly held my waist and the other hand was clutching his chest.
“Do not be afraid” – he whispered, – here no one will go down. ”
Dolovan pressed against my back, wiggled his hips and I felt that his penis is firm as a rock.
“Do not take it anymore …” – I groaned with.

Professor let my chest, suddenly heavy with longing immediately copulate with the white man. Tilting my face to those who stood by the table, he parted my buttocks and put his penis to a small opening. My legs were trembling with fear and excitement. I tried to relax as much as possible, but at the same time tightly clenched her teeth to keep from screaming sudden pain. But when the body Dolvana penetrated into my ass, I almost did not feel the pain. Movement professors were very cautious, he literally centimeter deeper and deeper into me, sprinkling his penis oil bottle. He with his other hand caressing my clitoris. “Do not hurt the girl?” – Gently whispered in my ear, Professor.

When his cock all the way into my ass, I felt an incredible delight. Unable to restrain myself, I’ll pushes her ass from side to side with all the passion on which she could muster. Suddenly, something inside was broken, and a pleasant shiver ran through my whole body. The man took a deep push, and sweet cum filled my every cell. I felt inside tight hot jet of sperm pouring.
A few minutes later, he was lying almost on me, we were both unable to move. I dolovan gently kissed my neck, nape and shoulders. Barely touching, caressing my limp breasts, I stroked elastic buttocks, ran his fingers through her pubic hair, not gouged the tender flesh. I felt utter devastation after such tumultuous events, and even a touch of the nipples does not excite me.

In this case, we see an example of correct sexual intercourse through the anus. Cautious steps men with abundant lubrication allowed the girl did not feel severe pain that usually accompanies such relations. Stimulation of the clitoris to provide the highest degree of excitation, which played the role of a natural anesthetic. The only thing I would not recommend anal intercourse without a condom. A better posture for a woman, in order to avoid damage to the rectum, it is necessary to consider the position of lying on your side.
John Mitchell, physiologist.

Finally, the professor pulled his limp dick out of my body. He handed me a stack of paper napkins, he smiled: “On, bring myself up.” When I was fully dressed, knocked on the door again, “Mr. Dolovan, well, when you’re done? We are waiting for you!”
“I’ve finished, left to do the last record,” – cried the professor, with an emphasis on the word “finished.” We looked at each other and burst out laughing. After two minutes of uncontrollable laughter, Dolovan something scribbled in my book and said: “I congratulate you on offsetting in chemistry, Miss Black!”

That’s how I got my first experience of anal sex and in the process passed the exam. Have you talked this way with their teachers?