This happened to me a few years ago, in my last year of training in a private boarding house for girls in one state. I’m back from vacation two days earlier, when the rest of the student has not yet arrived. Our teacher, Mrs. Murray opened my room, and I began to unpack. After dinner, a little wandering through the empty corridors of the boarding house, I decided to go to bed early. Before going to bed, I took off the hands of a gold bracelet, given to me by my father for 18 years, and put it under his pillow.

Middle of the night I was awakened by a strange sound. It seemed to me that a shadow flashed by the window. It was scary. I wanted to get up and turn on the light, but his legs would not obey. I covered his head with a blanket and soon fell asleep. Once again, I woke up because someone gently kissed my face. Blankets on my body was not there and someone’s hands began to caress me, getting a pair of pajamas. Man? Location? Here we have never been men. I wanted to scream, but the stranger shut my mouth with a kiss. In the faint smell of perfume, I realized it was a woman.

Unfastened the buttons of my pajamas, she got to my breasts and began to massage them. She took the tongue on my nipples, while pulling off my panties pajamas. I did not resist, I was very pleased, the groans of bliss torn from my throat. Pulling off my pants, hands stranger made his way to my thighs. She stroked my stomach, and soon her fingers got into my hot pussy. I squeezed her hand down, because he felt the approach of sweet bliss. “Not so fast, little girl!” – She whispered and pulled his fingers out of my body. I was shaking with excitement. “Please, please, please!” – Almost in tears, I asked, trying to find in the dark hand of a mysterious lover. It seemed to me that the woman had disappeared.

It is known that on the basis of sexual dissatisfaction in women often occur different kinds of psychosis. Without knowing all the underpinnings of what is happening, it is difficult to determine the cause of emotional failure. Perhaps it is based on a strict upbringing, the separation from a loved one or some other social and personal factors. However, suppressing emotions can cause even more damage to their mental health.
Anthony Grigg, a psychologist.

My hair spread on the pillow, and her body shook with convulsions. Suddenly, something warm almost covered my face. It was stifling. I realized that she was still there, and my head is between her legs. “Lizhi, little slut!”, – Told the stranger. I stuck my tongue and began to lick her pussy. She smelled amazing, and her juices were sweet and stringy. She moaned, her hips swaying over my face. “If you stop, I spank you on the ass!” – She said in a throaty voice. I slipped my tongue into her hole as far as possible. “Oh-oh-oh!” – She gasped and collapsed next to me on the bed. We were both breathing heavily. She drove loosely hand on my chest, and I was still exhausted from the excitement finger caressed her clitoris. I did not manage to get an orgasm, which I longed.

The stranger turned to me sideways and pushing my hand, stuck two fingers in my vagina. Only a few movements and my body arched from the surging bliss. She held me close and stroked my hair like my mother when he was a child. I felt good and quiet, I fell asleep in her arms.
The bright rays of the sun breaking through the tightly drawn curtains, woke me up. The room was empty. What is it? It is just a dream? But why then my pajamas neatly folded on a chair? I remember well that went to sleep in it. My bracelet somehow disappeared from under the pillow and turned on the bedside table.

It seems to me that we are dealing with the phenomenon of somnambulism, which is prone to subtle nature vulnerable aged 17-22 years. It is possible that the girl had a dream, but at the same time to perform certain actions, including self-masturbation. She also could get out of bed and put things in order in his room: to lay down his pajamas, move the bracelet on the nightstand. Typically, when waking a sleepwalker does not remember events that happened to them during sleepwalking.
Jeremy Houston psychologist.

The next night passed quietly, and the next morning my friends arrived. I still do not know whether that meeting with a stranger or a reality to me all a dream.