I work for a courier in the office of one of Chicago Venture Capital offices. That evening, I’m a little late with the report and come to the office just before closing it. there was no one in our department. Fortunately, I heard the sound of heels in the corridor and ran to the sound. Documents needed to pass, come what may. It was Patricia – chief secretary, she also hurried home. “Pat, – I said to a girl – take from me the damn paper, and tomorrow I will report back myself.” Patricia obediently turned on her high heels on 180 degrees and headed for his office. I skipped ran after her. Reaching into the folder with the documents on the table, Pat smiled and asked: “And where gratitude for the fact that I rescued you?”

I do not know what to say, and muttered: “If you want, in the cafe’s go?” “I do not want – she slowly reached out and came close to me. I felt her hand touched my body below the abdomen. I looked into her eyes, her pupils clouded, and his breathing a little more frequent. Patricia put her arms around my neck and kissed him on the lips. She said she has long wanted to make love here in the office.

In this case, we can speak of combinations of sexual fantasies with role-playing game. Quite often, the partners see their dreams of making love in the most unusual places with people of various professions. This serves as an incentive for new bright impressions. The secretary and the messenger – though atypical combination for sexual fantasies, but quite acceptable.
Erich Gonsman psychologist.

Before I could figure, she knelt in a moment undid my pants and my penis disappear in her mouth to the very root. My hands groped her breasts, fingers, I felt the hardness of the nipple. A minute later I finished it in her mouth. Patricia stood up and again kissed me on the lips. Taste my sperm on her lips was sweet, and I’m excited again.

Pat took off her skirt and sat on the sofa, legs wide apart. I affectionately began to lick her thighs, gradually picking up to the clitoris. She was trembling, her pussy was wet with juices expires. I stuck a finger in her anus while caressing tongue clitoris. Patricia’s body arched wave of her orgasm lasted several minutes. I’ve never seen a girl so acutely and deeply experienced orgasm.

My cock was excited to the limit. And when Pat calmed down a bit, I entered the penis in her sweet pussy. At first, I moved slowly, giving the girl to recover after experiencing orgasm. I soon realized that Patricia began to give his whole body towards me. Several deep shock, and we both experienced a wild delight. Pat threw her head back, her throat torn out bubbling sounds. How beautiful she was at that moment!

The strength of the orgasm depends on the individual person and the sensitivity of his nervous system. Both men and women can deter or rapidly to show their emotions, getting sexual satisfaction. Closed natures peculiar calm course of action even if the brightest sexual stimuli. At the same time open cheerful people express feelings of fullness with small signs of attention from the partner.
Andris Mariges, sex therapist.

We were lying on the leather couch in the chief of reception, and this tickled my nerves. It was scary and insanely good. Then, Patricia got up and dressed already, said, with a grin, looking me in the face: “Well, now we’re even! Do not be late! “Damn, damn, damn! I’m ready every day delayed reports as a way to pay for the favor of a great secretary!