Hello! My name is Miguel! If you have been to Ibiza, you probably know the town of Portinatx, where I actually come from. At any time, we are full of tourists, so that the art of flirting with foreign women I have no equal. The case, which I want to tell you, was not the light of my life. Although seduce a girl on a first date turned out to be quite simple.

Her name Annecy (which I found out at the reception in the hotel). Whitish, almost transparent hair, blue eyes, thin waist and magnificent breasts – this is an incomplete portrait of the girl, which I laid eyes, walking along the beach. But the view from the girl was cold and unapproachable. During those two days, I watched her from a distance, she never smiled. What is bad is always next to her was some fat aunt. On the third day, I had the good fortune: Annecy was on the beach one. In order not to lose time, I drove to the beauty: “Girl, you do not tell me my name?” Ha! Surprised? That, too, was surprised Annecy! That’s what the first question you usually ask girls? Remember now, I will continue the discussion.

It should be noted that our hero acted long ago lodged by the rules of a pickup truck – the art of the conquest of the unknown partner. Surprise, interest, to bring a smile – these are the three pillars on which is based the success of successful dating. Not all succeed equally well. Much depends on the personal qualities of the pick up artist, his ability to keep a proper distance, to find an individual approach to the object of desire. It is possible that in a particular situation and with another girl this number is not conceived to proper action. Apparently, the author of the story deliberately watched for some time for the girl to even superficially examine the features of its conduct.
Anthony Grigg, a psychologist.

Noticing interest in the eyes of the girls, I did not let her open her mouth. He began to talk about the sights of our city, the temperature of the water in the sea, the terrible sharks (I’m a little fib!), Which often eat unwary travelers. When Anes started to smile, I repeated my question. Naturally, she replied that she did not know. Seeing the approaching aunt, I whispered to the girl, that came out in the evening to the sea, and beat a hasty retreat.

When the sun had already set behind the horizon, on the shores of Annecy I got my! I could not believe such a success and offered the girl to show your favorite bay. On the way we met (or rather she knew my name). When they reached the place, I decided to take a dip in the sea. Annecy watched my somersaults, sitting on the beach. Getting out of the water, I sat down next to the girl. Gently hold her by the shoulders, I said, “You’re so beautiful, that it’s frightening!”

Suddenly the girl burst into tears. From her confused story, I learned that feisty aunt watching her every move. In its 19 years, Annecy only once was a man, but he escaped, fearing that too beautiful woman is unfaithful wife. Comforting the sobbing lady, I stroked the quivering shoulders, as if accidentally touching the luxurious chest. And I did not mean to seduce the girl on the first date, but did not resist Annecy, so my movements were becoming bolder. Once you get into a thin slit tunic, my fingers found the elastic nipples. The girl was panting, sighing wearily from my touch.

The overwhelming majority of women are very sensitive to caresses the breast, causing strong sexual arousal. Nipples, filled with a large number of nerve endings, it is extremely responsive to stimulation. It allows a woman to feel pleasant, preparing physically and psychologically for intercourse. In rare cases, touching the nipples can cause rejection, such as individual characteristics of the body or gross inept partner.
Julian French psychotherapist.

Realizing that she was ready for anything, I put an impregnable Annecy on all fours and entered her from behind, like a knife to butter. Devil! How she cried every thrust of my overheated penis penetrating into her Kisochka. Sometimes I had to stop, because the girl frantically moved his ass, if I did not hold her by the waist, she would have certainly slipped from my lathered member. ABOUT! That night was unforgettable! After a dip in the sea, we continued. But now I sat on top of Annecy, allowing itself to enjoy, as she needed. It was very hot girl! All week before the departure of my unassailable beauty, I have not had neither the strength nor the time to do other tourists. But I have this I do not regret!