This high brunet I noticed another station Washington Union Station, where going to get to New York. The guy was well built: broad shoulders, round buttocks, powerful neck. I was upset because my friend on the eve of Brighton, with whom we were together for 2 years, offered to leave. If not for this circumstance, I would not have to go anywhere. But I needed to unwind and change of scenery.

Set in a coupe, I did not even know who will be my companion. The door swung open, and I saw the smiling face guy. “Hey, I hope there is not busy?” – Cheerfully asked the young man, whom I had seen in the waiting room. “No!” – I said, smiling sympathetically.

When the train started, a neighbor, who was sitting across from me started something to tell. But I was not listening to my attention attracted huge egg between his legs. Sport Pants Man could not hide this dignity. Caught my eye, Alvin (as introduced companion), he said softly: “Do you like it?” “It is!” – I replied.

While in Western European and American society has developed quite a loyal attitude to homosexuality, to find a permanent partner is extremely difficult. Different dating sites and gay clubs do not help to solve this problem. Here you can find a partner for one-time sex is not designed for long-term relationships. Therefore, a casual acquaintance with the prospect can be considered a big success. I think that both guys are very lucky.
Anonymous, a member of the gay community.

The boy lowered his pants, and I was stunned by the size of his penis. “You want to try?” – Asked Alvin. I do not need to be persuaded, I knelt down and picked up this magnificent object, from which he soon became more. Boy, smiling, he looked at me and move from side to side, his tongue hanging out. This gesture gave me courage, and I will gladly started licking huge cock. Alvin made a move his hips and his cock deep into my mouth. The guy was holding my head in my hands, and I felt with delight as the head of the penis rests in the throat. This went on for a long time, from Brighton has never been anything like it. It is usually bestowed upon me a portion of sweet semen within five minutes. But here I had to work hard. I massaged the warm testicles new friend and caressed the tongue and lips his penis about 30 minutes, listening to the groans excited. Finally, its taut stream of liquid filled my mouth and I gladly drank every drop.

Oral sex can be considered a full-fledged sexual intercourse between homosexual partners. And the pleasure of getting both parties. Orgasm experienced by “active” participant in the psycho-emotional level is transmitted “liability.” The latter often experiencing sexual satisfaction just from the taste of semen. Sometimes partners are practicing mutual simultaneous blowjob, is a prelude to anal sex or sexual self-satisfaction.
Samuel Johnson, the sexologist.

When we were both a little breath, Alvin said, “You’re doing very well. Do you have one? “In my eyes were tears and I told him about parting with Brighton. Alvin comforted me as best he could. It is simply magnificent! We agreed to meet again when we get back to Washington. So I suddenly found a new lover.

How did you meet with your friend?