Returning home from the office, I opened the door with his key. It was heard that noise in the bath water. “Who could it be?” – I thought, because of his wife at the time had no home. My Polly works as a translator, and every Friday evening in their company held important meetings with foreign partners. Therefore, the sounds coming from the bathroom, I was very surprised.

I walked into the room and sat on the couch. “Well, not the thief also got us? Soon everything will become clear, “- I thought. What a surprise! Wrapped in a white bathrobe my wife came out of the bathroom a little blonde. “Hi! – She said, handing me a round plump palm – my name is Nancy. ” I learned that the girl arrived in New York from the province and you have my second cousin Polly whether niece, or cousin. In general, the wife gave her the key to our apartment, what would she could have a rest from the road. The next two or three days, Nancy will live with us.

Soon came Polly, and in honor of his niece three of us had a few drinks at dinner. The time is nearly midnight, when everyone went to bed. Bed Nancy spread out on the couch in the living room, and my wife and I went into our bedroom. I began pestering Polly, after a day very much like to relax. “We are not alone!” – Resisted his wife. “Yes, she was asleep!” – I replied, and began to knead her sumptuous breasts, kissing berries nipples. Very soon, Polly greatly excited and turned on my back, sat on top of my dick. In the heat of furious racing, we both heard the bedroom door creaked. Polly reached out to a floor lamp and turned on the light. Nancy was standing in the doorway in a long nightgown to the floor. The girl, all eyes looked at us and did not even try to escape. It has been seen as the heaving chest and her eyes shine. Probably, from the very beginning he spied on us. There was a silent pause.

The situation was defused Polly, still sitting on top of me, “Come to us, baby!” – She called her young cousin who had just recently turned eighteen. Nancy took a few steps toward our bed. His wife slowly slipped off my cock, which was still highly aroused. “Jimmy, do not be greedy, let the girl to play with her proboscis!” – Polly giggled. I sat on the edge of the bed, legs spread. My cock was sticking invitingly. Nancy came closer and squatted down and stroked the head of the penis its gentle palm. “Kiss it, fool!” – He said his wife standing behind me on her lap and hugging the shoulders.

It seemed that Nancy just waiting for this permission. She grabbed my cock with both hands and opened her mouth, began licking the head, sweetly smacking. Polly, hugging me from behind, slightly turned my head and began to kiss passionately on the lips. I am sick of pleasure, two beautiful women quickly brought me to orgasm. When the forces have not been restrained, I clutched my head handed to Nancy, and finished her straight in the mouth. The girl swallowed carefully, it became clear that she was not the first time doing it.

Nancy, dropping her nightgown over her head, slipped into our bed. Despite the small increase in girls, her breasts were two times more than my wife. I grabbed the lush buns with both hands and with his face and began kissing the valley between them. His wife, watching us, caressed my dick hand. Both women moaned with excitement, and I do not know what to do. I got out of bed, and giving them to decide who will be the first, and went into the shower. When I returned, I saw a beautiful picture: Nancy lay on her back, legs spread, and Polly caressed her pussy tongue, standing on all fours. My cock instantly went on alert. I fell in behind his wife and put his penis to a small brown hole. When the head slid into the anus, Polly screamed and tried to escape. She never allowed me to take her back door.

Many women find anal sex is unacceptable. This is due not only moral reasons, but also to severe pain that occur during the passage of the penis through the outer ring of the anus. After overcoming this obstacle, the pain is usually dull. People sometimes ask me why, in a homosexual relationship, anal sex does not cause such rejection. You have to understand that men anus has a large size, which avoids acute pain. Of course, much depends on the size of the penis, and sensitivity to pain partners.
Harald Hanson, physiologist.

I held the hand of her buttocks and was not going to concede. My wife writhed, I as could not get deeper. Nancy came to the rescue, she opened a tube of cream and thickly smeared my trunk. One movement – and a member of easily penetrated into the anus of my wife. She stopped struggling and she had moved back to why I inflame even more vsazhivaya member to its full length. Nancy, on her knees in the face of Polly, crumpling her breasts, and I with all the passion he took his wife back. The last strong push, I discharged it in depth. Stone lust burst from the chest of his wife, niece also panting, excited views of our passionate intercourse. I fell to the side, pulling his wife. I hugged her from behind and pressed against Nancy Polley front, kissed her on the lips.

Finally, I took his penis out of his wife’s ass and went back to the shower. Even going to the bedroom door, I heard his wife’s voice: “No, no, no!” – She said loudly. Two naked woman sitting on the edge of the bed, looking at each other. What a black cat ran between them? “Jimmy! – Polly plaintively said, turning to me – no matter what, I do not want you to be with her as well as me! “Well, I have something to blame? That night the three of us mad love is not in my plans. Polly herself ventured everything, and now for some reason went back on their word.

In relations swingers, respect for the feelings and desires of all participants is inviolable rule. Many couples agree in advance on the forbidden action. For example, about not hurting, the ban on sex with someone else’s husband / wife. This oral sex in a combination of “man-woman” and “female-female” can also be either allowed or be banned. At any time, each partner has the right to terminate not satisfied with his relationship.
Allen Martinez, a psychologist.

Nancy, with bowed head, quickly ran away from our bedroom. I felt that the room could hear muffled sobs. But I was not interested, hugged his beloved wife, I soon fell asleep. The next morning, Nancy was not there. Polly said she found her niece rented apartment, and she will live there. And so it began well! So understand these women!