One evening I was returning home from a friend. it was still fairly light on the street, so I declined the offer of Natasha’s brother to accompany me. Even turning on his street, I heard a pleasant male voice: “Girl, wait a minute!” I looked around. On the sidewalk I was pretty well-dressed middle-aged man. He came to me and said, “You have a very good appearance. I was just looking for a girl for the role in his film. Would you like to withdraw from me? “I was confused. But what girl does not want to play in a movie? Speechless by such a proposal, I nodded.

Do not start talking to strangers on the street – one of the basic rules that children are taught in school. Adult woman would have to know about it. Offer to play in a movie, though tempting, but we must remember that the directors are not looking for actresses in the street. To this end, there are more suitable places: schools, institutes, colleges theater. Get on so naive ruse – an unpardonable levity.
Victor Pripyatko instructor OBG.

The man had the director of the Odessa Film Studio. I must say that it was in this glorious city a few years ago. Then I was barely 18 years old, and bad thoughts have not visited my young head. The director said he wanted now to rehearse some scenes of the future movie. On the tram, we reached the Alexander Park. There’s a man told me to walk slowly down the alley, and sometimes bend over as if picking up stones. I fully enthusiastically carry out his instructions. Well, of course! He said that the film will be about the war, and I’m going to play the role of scouts, abandoned behind enemy lines.

It has become quite dark, and the director all took me to different corners of the park. Finally we sat down on a bench on the far alley. The man said that he should be removed from my measurements for a suit. His hands went to my breasts, he began to knead them, saying: “Do not be afraid, it is necessary to determine the exact size. In several scenes you’ll have to appear naked, but you might be flesh-colored bra. ” He’s stronger kneading my breasts, his breath quickened. The director took my hand and pressed it to the bottom of his stomach. Through the trousers, I felt his cock excited. “Stroke it!” – The man whispered. “No!” – I shouted and tried to escape. But he held my hand. “Well, what are you afraid of, you fool? It is necessary for the film. There will be a meeting with the beloved scene scout “- began to persuade me to the director.

Trusting him, I began to stroke his cock through his pants. He was excited more and more, his hand slipped into the slit of my blouse and fondled her nipples have my naked breasts. I did not fight, because it is necessary for a movie. “Well, well, well done, – whispered the director – I definitely will take you to this role.”

It was quite dark when he threw me on the bench and, with his skirt, climbed into my panties. I was a bit scared, but I consoled myself with the thought that it was only a rehearsal film. The man took out his penis out of his pants, and led them on my stomach. His hand touched my pussy, and I felt his finger penetrate me in the vagina. I’m excited and very beginning, because at that time I already had a boyfriend, with whom we had sex. “That’s rubbish!” – Screamed the director and pulled away from me. “You’re not a virgin?” – He asked evil. “No” – I whispered, tugging at her crumpled skirt. He lingeringly howled, looking up to the sky.

Anticipating the question posed by the heroine of this story, we can assume that she really met a person with unstable mentality. Fortunately, his actions were not observed aggression, but clearly traced deviances of a sexual nature. Most likely, a man obsessed with questions of virginity, and his time “hunting” has been focused on finding sexual partner, having this quality.
Irina Simonov, a psychologist.

Wasting no time, I jumped up and his legs began to run. Even being on the lit street, I came to myself a little bit. When I got home, it was three in the morning. Thank God, the parents spent the night in the country, and no one harassed me with questions about the late return. I no longer met the strange man. Was he in fact a director? Maybe I met a maniac?