I was 19 years old and with the girls I have never met. My friend Peter made fun of me and said that he already had 100 girls, with whom he got up different things in bed. I was terribly jealous of Peter, although suspected, that he was too exaggerating the number of his girlfriends. I do not freak out and not boring, but do not even know how to persuade a girl to have sex. All my friends seem strict and unapproachable.

I knew from books that in the old days, especially fathers led their sons to brothels, where they were taught sex adult women for money. But how to do it today? Therefore I will not shoot prostitutes on the street! Hoping to somehow solve the problem, I logged on to a dating site and began to look for ads where the ladies of the 30 offered to meet for occasional meetings.

I would not recommend to carry out the choice of sexual partners through social networking and dating sites. Great is the danger that you can run into a pervert, a sexual maniac or gigolo. Even under the most favorable outcome, slender blonde with a photo may be in reality, bbw small stature and beautiful courageous man – a complex for a teenager.
Timur Bakey, a sociologist.

I wrote a few women and honestly told about himself: blonde, height 165 cm, 18 years old looking for a partner for sex without commitment. Almost all of your posts, I got answers. But most of all I liked Angela. According to the announcement, she was 32 years old. In the picture she looked gorgeous – slender brown-haired woman with magnificent breasts and a small waist.
We agreed to meet with Angela at the entrance to the Museum of Wax. When I arrived there, I was approached by a tall girl and said that she corresponded with me on a dating site. I looked at her from head to toe: the growth it was taller than me by 15 centimeters, her chest was almost flat, and the legs are not quite so, and slim. Seeing my disappointment, Angela said: “I do not like you? If you are against, you can leave right now! “I thought that the next time there will be, and went with the girl to her car.

After 10 minutes we arrived to the house, which seemed to me old castle. She led me to the house along a narrow path, and opening the door with a key, invited to enter. The spacious lobby, there was no furniture, only on the floor lay a thick beautiful carpet. Angela took off his heels, I also took off his shoes. She pulled me by the arm on the carpet and fell on his back, began to kiss on the lips. She undid my pants and started to stroke my cock, which the already tensed.
“Do you really a virgin?” – Whispered in my ear, Angela. I just nodded stupidly, all face breaking pleasure. She knelt between my legs and took my penis in her mouth. She licked the head and tongue gently crumpling my testicles. I moaned with pleasure, wanting this to continue as long as possible. When my penis was at her mouth full depth, I could not help but let her mouth tight jet of sperm.

“A nice boy! – Angela said with a smile, looking at my flushed face – now you can do the same to me! You’ve come here for this? “I nodded again, silly, sweet anticipation of subsequent events. She invited me to undress completely, and I quickly freed himself from his trousers and T-shirt, casually tossing them aside. Angela started to take off her skirt, turned his back on me. Lying on the floor, I looked up from the bottom of her firm buttocks and thighs are quite large. She took off her blouse, under which there was no bra. “Well, of course, why you need it, with such a small breasts” – I thought to myself.

Getting boys first sexual experience in the brothels existed in the tradition of some European countries until the 19th century. However, to take advantage of this opportunity could only young people from wealthy families, as the elite courtesan services were expensive. However, the young men from the lower strata is not required mentoring society. In poor urban areas and villages could always find a girlfriend for sexual pleasures for free. Also, in medieval England, France and Germany had developed a network of brothels where young men were held to meet the needs of gay customers. On the streets of big cities, despite the government ban, could meet prostitutes of both sexes.
Igor Segaynov historian.

And here’s my sexy mentor turned to face me, and I froze in amazement! I expected to see a beautiful woman’s body, but Angela stuck between huge cock feet. She pulled his hair and threw her toward the wig. “Hi! My name is Andrew! “- Squeaky voice said the bald man.

My eyes widened in horror. A man sat on my shoulders and began to stick his cock in my mouth. “Come on, come on, do it!” – He kept repeating. Resistance was useless and I opened my mouth, let Andrzej carry out his plan. He stuck his penis me to the throat, from what I choked and began to cough. “That will not do!” – Said the guy and got off my shoulders. I saw that he puts a condom on his penis. “Kneel down baby!” – The man said softly.

I obeyed and got on all fours, resting his hands on the floor. I felt that Andrew expanding my anus with your fingers, and lubricate it with something sticky. When the head of his penis pierced my rear hole, I howled in pain. But the guy did not pay attention to my cries, and thrust his penis into me deeper. It was very painful, but I then I faced a wave of unprecedented earlier feelings. My head was in a daze, in the eyes of tears, I heard only screams Andrzej short and felt his deep movement in the body.

I do not remember what it was all over, at the time of the last strong push I lost consciousness. When I woke up, there was no one in the lobby. My clothes were neatly folded and laid on top of her bill in the 500 €. My whole body ached, I got dressed and ran out of this strange house. Fortunately, the doors and the gates were unlocked.