This happened to me and my friend when we were in high school. Our family was living in Pennsylvania. One evening I called Jeff and invited to his home. He said he got a cool drive with movies, and we can see this as his parents are not home.

When I came to Jeff, he turned on the video player. It was a cool porn with beautiful women and strong muscular guys. They are so good sex, so moaning! And Jeff and I could not take my eyes off the screen. While we watched the movie, I felt my pants is about to burst. I felt ashamed that Jeff would notice. I looked at my friend, who was sitting on the couch. He was all red, and his pants between his legs reared no less than mine.

View erotic video and photographic materials is a powerful incentive for the sexual awakening of sensuality. Young people identifyed with the heroes of visual images, and due to this hormonal surge occurs, contributing to the awakening of sexual instincts. Especially brightly this effect manifests itself in adolescence and early adulthood. And boys are more susceptible to erotic visualization. Women in this situation may be indifferent or even disgusted with what is happening on the screen of a sexual nature.
Samuel Björk, psychotherapist.

That made me even more excited. I reached into his swimming trunks and began to stroke his cock, never taking his eyes from the TV screen. Suddenly I heard the voice of Jeff, he groaned! Turning to him, I saw that he pulled out his penis and moves the hand of his skin. I do not know what came over me, but I could not help it and threw Jeff on the sofa. We both had to get rid of pants and began to rub against each other bodies, stroking his chest, thighs, buttocks. Jeff and I were breathing heavily, our groans mingled with the voices of the TV characters. Then Jeff started to fondle my penis hand and his. Very soon we doused each other with sperm. It was so cool and funny! After that, we went together to the shower. There we began hugging and kissing. It was a strange feeling because I kiss a guy, but still it was nice. By that time I already had a relationship with the girls, but such treats like the touch of Jeff I have not experienced.

Boys and girls are entering a period of transition in the age of 13-14 years, that is, at the time of puberty. After this period is considered to be 17-18 years, which is not quite true. We know that boys develop more slowly girls, so the term of youth transition is often stretched to the age of 23-25 ​​years. The first sexual experience gained during this time, remembered for a lifetime as a bright unique event. Most young people manage to overcome this barrier safely and lead to further a normal sexual life, without relying on the old memories. Natura excitable and impressionable may need psychological help to bring into balance the emotional state.
Steven Shelton, a psychologist.

Now that several years have passed (me now 19), I still can not understand, maybe I’m gay? Although I have a permanent girlfriend during sex with her I always try to remember the delightful evening spent with Jeff. Only then did I manage to be both excited. It is a pity that my friend and his parents moved to another city, perhaps he would be able to understand me. How to tell your girlfriend? And what do do? While the answers to your questions, I can not.