It was my first day of training at the institute. Behind the entrance exams, anxiety, vanity. Now I’m a student! The joy of this event was mixed with bitterness of parting with my boyfriend Michael. Now we can see only on vacation. Between us a distance of several hundred kilometers, it’s so sad. Upset by these thoughts, I tried to sleep, lying on a bed in a college dormitory.

With me settled three girls: Vera, Clara and Louise. We met in the morning, so have not had time to find a common language. Although, it seems, the girls were friends with each other. They chirped cheerfully, winking, but I hesitated to join their conversations. Here are some of the neighbors turned out the light in the room, and I was almost instantly plunged into a heavy sleep.

Fu! What an abomination! A large black snake hissed threw my leg. I tried to lose this thing, but I could not move his hands. They, too, were entwined with thin silver snakes. His throat spasm, and I did not hear her scream. I sneak up on my arms wrapped around my bare breasts. Strange, I always thought that snakes are cold, and these were very warm and pleasant. Snakes, clutching ring their long bodies, tails tickled my nipples. I froze with fear, but she felt that these touches give me pleasure.

Although the snake in a dream to many interpretations portend disaster, disease, the machinations of enemies, according to Freud this reptile is considered a phallic symbol, heralding a change in sexual preference. In this case, the way it happened. The dream is closely intertwined with real feelings, so that dream no negative overtones. Most likely, the dream predicts a new stage of life’s journey, changing priorities and world views.
James Gorbin astrologer.

I felt that my breasts are heavy, and his skin crawled. Snakes continued to caress my body, wrapping her waist and hips. I’m not afraid of the black viper that, his tongue, hissed on my right leg. I felt the creature’s head slid into my vagina. “Oh, Mom!” – And only have time to cry, I experienced both terror and delight.

The snake was moving inside me slowly, I felt her warmth and the rough surface of the skin. Stringy sweet languor filled every cell of my body, I moaned from surging passion. My vagina was filled with moisture, swollen nipples and also somehow become wet. “I can not anymore!” – I gasped at the moment when my body arched string pierced through by the current strike. “And you did, passionate!” – He said adder human voice, slipped out of my pussy.

I opened my eyes. On my bed I sat roommates. Their faces were clearly distinguishable in the moonlight pouring out of the window. My body was shaking from just received the strongest orgasm. Clara Louise and caressed my breasts, and a third woman, smiling, his hand stroking my pussy. I realized that it was Rosalina working tongue, gave me such pleasure.

Oral sex between women is called kunniling. The term is formed from the combination of the Latin words lingere and cunnus, which literally means “to lick the vagina.” kunniling technique involves stimulation of the clitoris tongue, lips, teeth. Piercing tongue deep into the vagina usually leads to a powerful orgasmic sensations. Through kunniling partner deliver to each other not only physical pleasure, but also to establish a positive emotional relationship.
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“Welcome to our friendly family!” – Said the girl choir. I did not have time to answer, because Clara closed my mouth with a kiss. We’re almost to the morning caressed each other. I had time to taste the sweet juices all my new friends. When I called a few days later, Michael, I naderzila him and offered to give up forever. Being a lesbian – my vocation, it is a pity that I did not understand it before. Now I know that there is nothing better a woman’s love. The truth is not it?