That fall, our family moved from New Orleans to New York. My mother, frightened by the consequences of the hurricane “Katrina”, strongly demanded that the father immediately leave the city where I spent my childhood, have friends and loved school. We settled in Brooklyn, and I went to a class of 11 local school. In my 18 years, I was like a puny teenager, and new classmates laughed at me. Therefore, at the first opportunity, I joined the gym to pump up their muscles.

I was delighted with our coach, he was no more than 25 years, but his biceps bulging buttocks and stomach relief can be a maddening anyone. I have long felt that the girls do not interest me, because when visiting some websites on the internet, I was more interested in the naked bodies of boys.

The scientific world is still unable to explain the true nature of homosexuality. At one time it was believed that a sexual attraction to persons of the same name sex is a mental illness. However, this syndrome has been excluded from the list of mental disorders by the World Health Organization in 1991, and even earlier (in 1973), homosexuality ceased to be an aberration in accordance with the verdict of the American Psychological Association.
Steven Shelton, a psychologist.

I just wanted to become a real gay. But how to do that? Do not stick well to the guys on the street? Once I dreamed that I was kissing Mr. Kevin (the name of my coach) and it was the sweetest of my dreams.
Once, after a workout, when I came out of the shower, I saw Kevin sitting in the locker room on the bench. He was completely naked! His beautiful huge cock immediately caught my attention, I just could not take my eyes! Noticing my opinion, the coach called me: “Come here, baby!” I walked over and sat down. Kevin put his arm around me and kissed me on the lips. My dream has come true!

Coach kissed my neck, going down lower and lower to my belly, my penis from this strained to the limit. When his lips touched my penis, I felt terribly ashamed, but it’s also very nice. But I could not let that be the adult, and a handsome man standing in front of me on my knees. I do not remember what I said to him, but he understood and we swapped. I took pleasure in the mouth of his huge cock and began to lick with great pleasure. I have heard the groans of Kevin and this even more excited. “Do you want in the ass, kid?” – Whispered coach. “Oh yeah! Of course! I really want this! “- I said, releasing his sweet dick out of your mouth.

At the same moment, Kevin bent my face to the bench, and I felt the head of his huge cock pierces my anal. Finally, he got into me, I felt every vein of his male organ. At first it was very painful, but I endured, enjoying the very fact that such a great man paid attention to me. After a few minutes the pain was gone and turned into sweet bliss. I felt the warmth of his hot body, tart smell of his armpits. Unable to restrain myself, I moaned loudly with pleasure. With my penis pushes the sperm flowed. And Kevin deeper into me wide sweeping movements. Suddenly I felt his cock was not so hard, and the coach is strongly pressed against my back, hugging the shoulders. It was all over. Then Kevin, kneeling, licked the remnants of sperm from my penis. We kissed for a long time, and then went to the shower together.

Existing belief that homosexuality is an innate characteristic, partly supported by scientific research. Some scientists believe that the reason hormonal disruptions in the body of the future mother nurtured the boy. But I am inclined to believe that the great role played by the social environment in which the teenager. It may be wrong education, bad relationships with the opposite sex and a number of negative social factors.
Maurice Branton, a sociologist.

So my dream come true to become a real gay. And Kevin, we still meet, although I have my suspicions that I had only one.

Love man to man – the best that can be in life. Is not it?