With Irwin I met during his university studies. He was tall and beautiful, all the girls from our course were secretly in love with him. I sighed enviously, looking like he was flirting with the one or the other girl. I was Irwin did not pay attention, if the emphasis is not noticed. Soon he had a constant friend, and all my hopes to win the heart of handsome collapsed.

As time went on, left behind his student years, I got a manager in a large commercial firm. Although I had a lot of guys, but I always thought of Irvine, I represented our meeting with him. I knew nothing about it, maybe he is already married. But that did not stop me every night, lying in bed, to represent themselves in the arms of Irwin. Maybe it’s love, even if unrequited.

Very often young people take for love libido or psychological attachment. In my practice I was a case where a young man occasionally “fall in love” in his best friend’s girl. When he was able to achieve reciprocity, his interest waned beloved. The man asked for psychological help to get rid of obsession fall in love with foreign women. During the hypnotic session failed to understand that they moved an elementary envy of his friend. In this case, the possible like syndrome: a girl falls in love with a guy just because he is popular among her friends.
Allen Martinez, a psychologist.

In one of the days I had scheduled a meeting with a representative of an advertising company, which planned to use the services of the holding, where I had the pleasure to work with. Just in front of the restaurant where the meeting was scheduled, I panicked, heart started pounding, legs gave way. I did not understand what was happening. The conclusion of such contracts – my permanent job. And I’ve never felt such excitement before meeting with business partners.

When I came to the correct table, my knees were shaking – I saw Irwin. We shook hands stiffly and began negotiations. The blood pounded in his temples, his voice trembling. I learned it or not? Having dealt with the cases Irwin asked the waiter to bring us coffee. While we waited for the order, my new business partner took me by the hand and asked: “And you would not have agreed to spend the evening with me?”

I was taken aback by such a proposal, and Irvine started stroking my hand, rising higher. His fingers seemed to accidentally touched my breasts, groped her nipples through blouse fabric. Recovering, I jumped up from the table and ran to the door. Irwin strode quickly caught up and grabbed me by the elbow. “Do not be afraid of you, – he said, – let us drive you home.”

I agreed, and we sat in a large black SUV. I called the address, but soon noticed that we did not go there. Irwin parked on a deserted alley of the old park. I tried to get out, but the doors were locked. The man fell on me and started kissing on the lips, he at this time to unbutton my blouse. Having reached my breasts, he became rude compress them, pulling the nipples with your fingers. I was hurt, but I could not scream, Irwin covered my mouth with his lips. I pounded his fists on his back, but he’s just stronger kneaded my breasts with one hand, while the other climbed under her skirt.

When he entered his finger in my pussy, I felt like an electric shock, resist had no strength. Irwin stuck two fingers in my vagina and began to move his arm, his hand pressing on her clit. I swam with pleasure, felt the moisture flowing down my thighs. Man kissing my breasts, biting nipples. I moaned weakly, pressing his hands Irwin’s head to his body. After a few minutes my body shook from the powerful orgasm. Irvine slowly pulled his hand out of my vagina and wiped the snow-white handkerchief.
“You’re the first one I found the point G», – said my former classmate. I lay back in his car seat, my head was in a daze.

On the existence of a certain point G – the anterior vaginal wall, is responsible for the onset of vaginal orgasm, first suggested the German gynecologist Ernst Grefenberg in the fifties of the last century. Further research scientists have refuted this theory. Vagina, as part of the birth canal, it does not have nerve endings. Otherwise, the natural childbirth would be impossible because of the strong pain. Quite often, doctors have to conduct surgery in the vagina, for example, to sew up tears after childbirth. Manipulation carried out without anesthesia, and it does not cause the patient pain. only psychological discomfort may be felt the most. Therefore, the presence of point G – no more than a myth. During the female orgasm is responsible clitoris and labia, filled with a large number of nerve endings.
Semen Sherkevich, a gynecologist.

“Hey, Monica – first contacted me on behalf of Irwin – you’re cool, you marry me?” Marriage proposal at that time I was interested in the least, and I prefer not to respond.

Instead, he talked incessantly, while I led myself up. Irwin drove me home, agreeing to meet the next day. For nearly a month to continue our love affair, every day Irwin offers to marry him. But for some reason I still can not answer it yes. Admiring my sensuality is now, if he will not be in the future to seek the unknown point G at other women?