My secretary Rimma was considered a hopeless old maid. In his fifty-two years, she had never been married. Women dress unobtrusively. Eternal bespectacled, with a minimum of makeup. Small, almost without eyelashes, eyes, rare whitish eyebrows upturned bulbous nose, ugly, uneven teeth. None of his colleagues did not pay attention to this “gray mouse” with sparse hair pulled back in a old-fashioned bun.

The concept of female beauty and attractiveness may change depending on the living conditions and circumstances. If all men would only look at the stunning beauties, it would appear the risk to the gradual destruction of the whole of humanity as a result of lower birth rates. Truly beautiful women is not so much, so well appreciated by the art itself apply. Nowadays, the demand for services cosmetologists, make-up artists, stylists does not dry out. With a minimum of effort, any woman can look sexy and attractive.
Allen Martinez, a psychologist.

I must say that with all the unattractiveness of his face, Rima was the owner of a beautiful, luxurious body with the correct proportional lines. Even incipient completeness, does not spoil, but only emphasized the perfect shape of her figure, worthy of the artist’s brush. High chest, moderately wide hips, strong elastic buttocks with a thin waist and long slender legs, made her look like an antique goddess.

And now, sitting at a desk in his office, I admired Rima figure from behind, while she put things in order on the shelves with the papers. She seductively bent over and sit down, I thought it would be nice to have sex with her. In my mind I imagine how I will take it right on the table, as it will then be screaming and resisting. Such fantasies are often visited my head, but I always drove them away.

This time, I decided to act. Getting up from the table, I turned the key in the keyhole, locked the door from inside the cabinet. I went to the receptionist from behind and put his arm around her shoulders. The woman froze, but did not even think to break out. Emboldened, I covered with kisses her neck from the nape of the neck to the shoulders. Rimma was silent, gently rejecting his head back.

Taking her silence for the favor, I gave free rein to their hands. I began to knead her magnificent breasts, making breathing woman became loud and intermittent. She pressed his back to my body, I felt that my dick is about to burst from the strain. Delay there was no way. I just pushed the Rima to the rack, and she arched closer to me his ass. While I unbuttoned pants, secretary lifted her skirt to her waist, exposing white thigh. Lowering her lace panties to her knees, I put a head of the penis to her lips sex disclosed. I was unable to get into her pussy in one motion. Her vagina was too tight and narrow. When I finally managed to enter, Rima cried out passionately and whispered: “Faster, please, faster!”

Some experts believe the position of “the man behind” the most natural, prompted by nature itself. Others argue that the sexual intercourse in this position is a humiliation for women, demonstrating the superiority of the male. It is impossible to approach the issue clearly. All that gives pleasure to both partners, is within normal limits. Moreover, this position has many advantages. Man feels closer compression of the penis has the ability to caress the body of his partner. Woman gets stimulated the front wall of the vagina and labia.
Harald Hanson, physiologist.

And so I moved from the maximum speed to which only he was capable. The woman rested both hands on the shelves and how crazy repeated: “Faster, faster, faster!” Clutching hands her hip, I thrust his cock deep into the hot flesh Rima. Her vagina was filled with juices, and every jolt were heard squishing sounds. “Oh-oh!” – Receptionist moaned and went limp in my arms. Another strong push, and I also came to the finish line.

After we both got dressed, Rima asked, “Why have you never done this before,” I do not know what to say, and kissed the woman on the lips. “Do not worry, we’ll have time to catch up,” – I thought, looking at his broad desk. Hopefully, he’s pretty strong. No wonder that our company buys furniture only the best brand-name manufacturers.