I studied in the second year of the University and lived in a dormitory. On Saturday evening I was alone in the room, as my friends Paul and Eddie went home for the weekend. I was lying in bed and listening to music on the player. Through the hard rock sounds resounded down the headphones, I heard the door of the room opened. I was startled by the fact that someone was shaking me by the shoulder. This was Kitty, a student with our own course. It was considered the most modest girl, and I was very surprised by her appearance.

“Steve – Kitty said – could you please help me with physics? The day after tomorrow the exam, and I could not deal with digital plasma analysis. ”
I sat on my bed and looked at her, puzzled. She came into the room to a guy in a short skirt and blouse, barely covering the chest and talks about some physics. “Of course, I’ll help you” – I said, looking at her pretty figure. I reached into the nightstand to find a tutorial. When I turned around, Kitty sat on the bed completely naked. Wow! This demure from this I did not expect!

Decide on a loss of virginity she could for several reasons. Perhaps this fear did not like everything, ridicule girlfriends, the desire to prove to themselves and to others their “maturity.” It is important that at this moment appeared understanding and neat young man beside her. The first sexual act must be performed in the comfort of physiological and psychological conditions.
Anthony Grig, a psychologist.

My cock instantly stiffened. “Come to me”, – she said. She unzipped my pants and took my penis in his hand, began to slowly move his skin. Putting his hands on her bare shoulders classmate, I was overwhelmed with pleasure. Kneeling, Kitty took my penis in her mouth. Several movements of her tongue, and I could not resist – let tight jet of sperm. Kitty did not have time to swallow everything on her lips and chin flowed clear liquid.

She again began to caress my hand member, and he quickly went on alert. Kitty lay on the bed and spread her legs. “Do it, Steve”, – the girl whispered. Still not believing in this turn of events, I cupped her breasts and gently squeezed them. “Do you really want this?” – I asked. She nodded her head and closed her eyes.

When I touched a member of her holes, Kitty moaned slightly. I pushed deeper and saw a thin trickle of blood ran down her thigh. She cried and whispered: “Do not stop, Steve. I’m not hurt. ” I got into it on the depth and began to move faster and faster. After a few minutes the girl shivered, bent and hugged my neck, not giving more to move. I realized that she got what she wanted.

It is known that sexual sensuality in boys and girls develop differently. If a young person is able to get an orgasm during any sexual contact, the girl’s ability to sexual satisfaction is not immediately. Many women experience orgasm through only the first few months of regular sexual relations.
Samuel Johnson, sexologist.

Slightly loosen her embrace, I pulled Kitty on the edge of the bed body so that her feet were on the floor. I went into her pussy from behind and gave full vent to their movements, holding the girl’s hips. She tried not to cry, but still it is bad managed. Finally, the last strong push is dead and I felt pleasantly tired.

We have for a long time lying on the bed, I played with the nipples of her breasts and stroked Kitty hand my limp dick. I wanted to take the girl again, but she suddenly stood up and began to dress. “I’ll come back tomorrow, – she said – because you can tolerate?” I nodded. She ran away. And I did not understand what it was? Perhaps she lose a bet her friends her virginity? How else to explain her parish and a quick getaway? The next day she did not come. A few days later I found out that Kitty was expelled from the university for academic failure, and she went home. Since then I about it have not heard anything.