I am 20 years old and female attention I was not deprived. While still in college, I started a special notebook where to write the names of all the girls that have ever slept. One evening, already lying in my bed, I was leafing through his notes. This is Emma, ​​she wrinkled her nose funny when we had sex. But Lulu, she screamed terribly, when I licked her sweet pussy. Inspired by memories of his past girlfriends, I heard the door of my room opened. I knew it was Aunt Gretchen, who stayed with us for three days, decided to honor me with a visit. Therefore, I do not even look in her direction.

My parents were away – father went on a business trip to Leipzig, and my mother decided to go with him to visit his school friends. Therefore, the province was caused by the aunt Gretchen to look after so I turns reveals. In fact, parents are worried not so much about me, but about my greenhouse with orchids, which could wilt during their absence. The old maid was a distant relative of my father, and before that I had seen it only in early childhood.

In my opinion, the young man operates several outdated concepts. If the woman in old age have never been married, this is not the evidence of absence from her sexual partners. But even if this is true, then stick the label of “old maid” still not worth it. Modern women at any age remain attractive and sexy, giving them the chance to create a full-fledged family. In my medical practice there were cases of pregnancy and childbirth in women for 50 years.
William Shermond, gynecologist, MD.

“Willie, – aunt said sternly, – you have lights on too long. It is time to sleep, you promised me to show the city of tomorrow. ”
“Of course, Aunt Gretchen – I said, not taking his eyes off his beloved notebook – sure you take my tomorrow in the Dresden Gallery.”
Aunt, which in my most conservative estimate was not less than 50 years, still did not leave. “Lord, what she still need?” – I thought irritably, and looked up.
Frau stood before me in a thin, almost transparent nightgown, with her white curls on her shoulders. One can not help admiring her figure, I do not know what to say. Gretchen came closer and sat on the edge of my bed. Her small breasts seductively shines through the transparent fabric. I felt my cock stiffen, and it was impossible to hide. Mound between my legs up with a thin blanket, which I usually took refuge for the night. Hand aunt gently fell on my member had raised.

“Did you have a girl, Willie?” – Asked Gretchen. I nodded, swallowing saliva, filling my mouth.
Auntie gently stroking my dick through the blanket, why I was excited all the stronger. “Kiss me, Willy!” – Whispered Frau. I like bewitched, Gretchen started kissing on the lips, neck, shoulders. Her hand penetrated into my swimming trunks and firmly clasped became my wooden trunk, moved up and down his skin. I threw my aunt on the bed and, with his nightshirt, began to knead her breasts, dark nipples tickle the tongue. She moaned slightly, curving his body. I caressed her fingers clean shaven pussy, not daring to anything more.
“Do it, Willy!” – Breathing heavily, whispered Gretchen.
She did not have long to persuade me, at that moment, I spread her legs and forcefully pushed his cock into the wet hole. Gretchen cried briefly. Oh my God! She was a virgin! I moved her hips faster and faster, paternal aunt writhed beneath me like an angry cat.

The fact that the late loss of virginity does not mean that women are not sexy. In most cases, just the opposite. With heightened sensuality, some women deliberately holding back her fear that sexual activity will be an obstacle to building a career or achieve some other goals in life. Unleashed emotions transform “old maids” in a passionate and tireless lovers. Often one extreme, far from smoothly passes in another.
Anthony Styler, a psychologist.

When I released it in the depths of a hot jet of sperm, she again screamed and went limp. Gretchen tightly hugged my neck and whispered fervently, “Thank you, thank you, my boy!” I finally managed to free himself from her embrace. I leaned back on the pillow, but not in a hurry to leave the aunt our bed of love. Her fingers played with my wet drooping member, and soon I was again ready to fight. That night I had a few times to give pleasure sweet Gretchen. In the Dresden gallery, we have never left. All week before the arrival of my parents, we did not have the free time. Neither day nor night …

I hope you do not think that a sexual relationship with an elderly lady beyond the pale?