We Valerka familiar from early childhood – growing in a yard, went to the same school. However, Valery went to the class over. About any love between us and the speech could not be – just good friends or even friends. And it was necessary to throw the fate of such a thing: this awkward boy nearly became my first man!

When the school years were over, we met at a party at Valerka common friends. It can be seen as it was intended that all boys and girls in pairs, and as I got my neighbor. All evening he danced only with me and then offered to accompany home, especially since we were on the way. Already at the entrance Valery offered to come to his apartment because his parents were in the country. I do not know why, but I agreed.

Consent girl to go to the house of the boy can be interpreted in two ways. Most often it is said about her subconscious willingness to start with the young man in the close relationship that we see in this case. However, in the situation described by the great role played by long acquaintance heroes of this story. Perhaps before she visited the house of his neighbor (such as a child during the joint games), so I agreed to the proposal of a young man without any hesitation.
Alla Surovtsev psychologist.

We sat in a darkened room, watching television first, and then began to kiss. Suddenly I feel like the guy more and more excited, one arm launched under my bra, and the other is trying to steal her panties. I wanted to push him away, but Valery so pitifully looked at me and said, “Do not you know that I love you very long time like?” I have no one to love is not recognized, and I melted at the words, and maybe wine, drunk on party in considerable quantity, haunt. “Take off your clothes! – I whispered Valery – I want you to be my first man! ”

Shy guy, but it quickly took off his pants and shirt. We settled on the couch in the living room. Valery helped me to undress, his hands gliding over my body, we passionately embraced, kissed each other, intertwining the two fish in the water. He gently caressed my breasts, his tongue tickled her nipples, I swam in the literal and figurative sense of the word. I felt his penis excited rests on my belly, and this whole body languishing on the sweet languor. “Do not take it anymore! – I groaned, – take me soon! ”

I spread her legs slightly bent their knees. That’s it had to happen. But for some reason, Valery straightened my legs and began to poke a member somewhere in the groin. A second later, I heard a faint cry and felt the bottom of my stomach became wet and sticky. I opened my eyes and saw that the guy cums on my legs and stomach, holding his penis in his hand. “Fool!” – I cried – You smeared me all! “It was very funny and disgusting to look at the sweaty face and his limp dick. I ran to the bathroom. While I was washing himself with his sperm, Valery whined at the door: “Ira, forgive-and-and-and! I do it the first time, let’s try it! ”

Young people attach too much importance to the first sexual contact, enveloping him an aura of mystery and magic of a kind. Meanwhile, for boys it can end premature ejaculation that happens quite often. Experiencing a peak of passion for your partner, a man is not able to hold back his emotions, which leads to ejaculation before the sexual intercourse. To prevent this phenomenon, unfortunately, impossible. General recommendations are as follows: to minimize the period of foreplay, in order to reduce the sensitivity of the penis using a condom.
Oleg Priemykhov, physiologist.

More I did not want to try, and I went home. Since then, he saw a guy on the street, I turn to the other side. That friend, whom I told everything, says: “You should not have Valerko otshila. Virgins are very scarce. Would each other first – this is so cool! “No, really. As for me – let man first learn how to do everything, and then offers to make love.
Well, they bounce, these virgins! And what do you think?