That summer I worked as a teacher in a camp for teenagers. To begin with talk about myself: I’m pretty frail, short stature, also wear glasses. Such are called botanists. I have 19 years, but with the girls in my relationships do not add up. Probably because of my natural modesty. Although, of course, and my appearance does not cause much enthusiasm among the fairer sex.

Boys who do not have an outstanding appearance, often explain their failures on the love front, it was this factor. But a much greater role uncommunicativeness and isolation. But these disadvantages can successfully fight and turn them into advantages. Many girls prefer to communicate with people is: intelligent, prudent, terse. More likely to visit public places: cafes, public libraries, exhibitions, museums. Your chances increase significantly acquaintance.
Alla Surovtseva psychologist.

Well, now let us return to the wonderful stories that happened with me on vacation. After hanging up, when the children fell asleep, I usually went to the dining room. There is a cook working lady 30 years old, her name was Anna Sergeyevna, but referred to her simply Anushka. She had grown accustomed to my visits and always left something delicious. “Lord, what do you thin!” – Each time the cook exclaimed, looking as I absorb burgers and patties.

One evening, as usual, I went to the dining room. Anna was busy washing dishes and did not pay attention to me. On the table were prepared for me the warm cheesecake and a glass compote. Quickly finished with the meal, I watched the woman. When she bent down, her white robe lifts up, revealing a lush ass and plump thighs.

After finishing the work, Anna disappeared behind the doors of an auxiliary room. I sighed and got up from the table to leave. Suddenly I heard the voice of the cook: “Come here, Stasik!” I went to close the back room, the cook was sitting on the narrow bed, laid by a colorful blanket. Anna opened her robe, and I was speechless by what he saw. Her breasts were very large, much larger than I’ve seen in pictures in magazines. Between the white thighs could see the dark triangle, covered with thick hair. “Well, what are you, boy! – The woman said quietly, – be brave! ”

I stepped closer, Anna took my hand and placed it on his chest. I began to gently knead the bread lush, feeling my cock stiffens. Noticing this, the woman pulled off my sweat pants and started playing with my excited penis. Her fingers moved a thin skin over the entire length, tickling the head. I began to breathe heavily with excitement. Cook put my penis between her breasts and whispered: “So you must like it!” Of course, I was very pleased! I squeezed her breasts with both hands and moved his body so that the penis is completely drowning in the warm fold of the female body. At the last moment, Anna abruptly grabbed his hand and stuck his dick in my mouth. She swallowed the sperm and licked her lips. “Sweet boy!” – Whispered the woman.

Then it allowed me to get into the thickets between her legs. I felt his fingers warm moist folds and a minute later again felt a surge of strength. Anna got up on his knees and proposed to enter into her pussy from behind. She put her hand where you want to head, and my cock sank in the dark depths of her body. “Oh-oh-oh!” – Only had time to cry, I took a few jolts. I finished very quickly, without even realizing how it happened.

At the start of sexual activity, many young men are subject to rapid ejaculation. There is nothing to worry about. In time to come and experience, and the ability to continue intercourse for a long time. It is important that the woman did not allow ridicule and accusations against the young man. Otherwise there can be stable complexes, often leading to impotence. In such cases, it may require treatment by a therapist.
Denis Vatyutin psychologist.

I was ashamed of Annushka for their incontinence. She kissed me on the lips and said, “Do not worry, boy! For the first time it’s ok! ”

Then I came every night in the back room to cook and learned to please not only themselves, but also to her. That’s how I became a man. Do you remember your first lessons in sex?