The case, about which I want to tell happened to me this fall. My friend Sveta invited me to the wedding of her older sister. And yes! I did not say that we Svetka to 18 years were executed. With boys, though we are friends, but Carta any case never reached. I never thought that my first orgasm happens in such unusual circumstances.
Weather in the solemn day was warm, and I was dressed for summer: a light sundress straps and sandals with high heels. The truth has made up, probably, too. But for such an event – the most it. The banquet was held at the restaurant, though I did not drink much, but fun from the soul. The highlight: the groom Svetkin sister invited me to dance. Honeymooner order was already drunk, but the waltz we had fulfilled all the envy. Excited dancing, I ran out into the street. There’s guys were smoking, I approached them, just to chat. One of them – the friend of the bridegroom Lesch. His Alex called, we met only at this wedding.
Alex offered me a cigarette, I shook her head – do not smoke, they say. And he said to me: “You Th shy? Let’s step back a corner! “I, as if spellbound, followed him. I really wanted to feel like an adult. After the first tightening I felt dizzy, Alex pulled a cigarette out of my mouth and he pressed me against the wall, leaning over the body. Screaming was stupid, because the people were far away from the restaurant at the top of the music was rushing, and I would still nobody heard. Well, what would you do in my place? In the groin heel call him? I am at the moment for some reason, did not even remember.

“The blow to the groin” – not the best way of women’s self-defense. Firstly, there is no guarantee, just to get to the right place. Secondly, active aggression generate reciprocal cruelty. In general, apply some pain tricks if you have not trained them specifically, I would not recommend it. Efficiency will be very little, but will repeatedly increase the risk of brutal rape. In this case, you can suggest a psychological impact on the enemy with words. And this took the girl in our history. I think that she continued the conversation, she’d managed to escape.
Igor Semerikin, self-defense instructor.

On the street no one, but the bastard still clinging stronger to me, lifted the hem of my sundress and tries to steal her panties. I squirmed trying to escape. But where there! He is much stronger than me!
He coped with a fine cloth shorts, Alex spun me to face the wall and grabbed the back of his waist. I felt his cock rested against my buttocks, then slid between her thighs. Another second and I would have lost my virginity in a dark alley the sound of music someone else’s wedding. “Lyoshenka, dear, – I whispered, – please do not! Come another time! “Though he loosened his grip and stopped, but I was not able to escape. “Well, Che you break? A girl or what? “- He asked. “Yes!” – I shouted a voice choked with fear.
Alex, not letting me out of his embrace, lowered my panties back into place. Strongly pressed me, he started to rub my ass with his cock, ran it between my thighs, and ordered stronger squeeze feet. My fear was, at the same time, I feel like I become a strange but very pleasant feeling. I myself wanted to move the body in time with the movements for. Very soon my panties were wet, and not only on my ass released sperm Virginity … I was not lost, but experienced a real, the very first in their lives, orgasm.

In this situation, we can say that the young people practicing the so-called “paraseks”, that is an imitation of sexual intercourse without penetration of the male member into the woman’s vagina. It is not surprising that both partners get an orgasm. Initiation of boys passed on to the girl on a psychological level, and frictional movement of a sexual nature completed the process. In such cases, it does not matter whether partners are fully exposed. Orgasm, which subconsciously were ready both partners would inevitably occurred, whether man and woman “packed” into a tight clothes.
Ilya Zavyalov, a doctor-sexologist.

When I later told Sveta all because she did not believe that you can get a full orgasm without sex. And you had it?