After returning from work in the evening, I opened the door of his apartment on the fifth floor of a high-rise building. Suddenly the door creaked in front of the apartment, and I saw his head leaning in doorway neighbor. “You here Svetkin husband was looking for!” – He lisped Aunt Masha and disappeared again, slapping a lock.

At that time I was divorced, and my little son was staying with his grandmother in the village. Familiar Svetlan I had three – a cousin, a school friend and colleague. Whose husband was looking for me, I could not even imagine. In principle, it could be any one of these men gave me unequivocal signs of attention, which I strongly reject.

Many single women like a magnet attract suitors, not necessarily for a serious relationship, most for sexual diversity. But I did not need. I met with a man who was very fond of. True, he was also married, but that did not stop us from enjoying each other, albeit rarely succeeded. His wife’s name was not exactly Svetka, and he could not look me in broad daylight. Before each of our meeting with him, he always warned me on the phone.

Why men are looking for relationships on the side? There can be several from the banal to the delusion that another woman can get a new experience, to social promiscuity and opportunity to boast to your friends presence of many lovers. However, it is not necessary, and to dismiss the fact that people related by marriage, can embrace a sense of true love, which is much harder to suppress than to abandon the short to anything non-binding amorous adventures.
Alla Surovtseva psychologist.

After dinner in a hurry and looking favorite show on TV, I went to sleep. I woke up on what someone gently kissed me on the lips. The bedroom was very dark, I always draw the curtains tight. I could not see the stranger’s face and touched his hands to his head, trying to understand the touch, who is it. Normal crew cut hairstyle worn by the male half of the population of our city. No, this research has not been able to answer my question.

Meanwhile, the stranger was kissing my breasts, stroking the belly and hips. I always sleep naked, so there are no obstacles between us was not. His fingers caressed my clit, his lips, he gently kissed my nipples. Light tremors covered all my body, I did not even think to resist. The man did not say not one word, or at least I was able to understand the voice, the husband of a Svetka slipped on a dark night in my apartment. And how could he do it? I do remember that locked the front door on the two locks.

That stranger stepped back and began to take off his clothes, I realized the sound of unzipping. When he lay down next to me in bed, I felt his hard cock touched my thigh. The man parted my legs and very slowly introduced his penis into my pussy. I’m all trembled with delight and decided to ask me a question tormenting. “Who are you?” – I asked quietly. He did not answer, and closed my mouth with a kiss. His movements became faster and faster, in a few minutes warm sperama poured my pussy. I grabbed the waist and legs men froze in position, unable to move.

I felt that he had received no satisfaction, his cock in my depths remained as hard as before. The stranger began to raise the torso, at the same time attracting my body. When he rolled over on his back to the opposite end of the bed, I was riding on his cock. “Now it myself!” – Very quiet, he said, but I was unable to determine who owns the voice.

He was holding my hips, and I received the full freedom of movement, began to rise and fall on his hard penis. I almost screamed with excitement and anticipation of the sweet moment of discharge. Sometimes it seemed to me that I no longer sustain this breakneck jumps and tried to slip off the body of his unknown partner. At such moments, the stranger pressed me to her breast, and, without letting move, he gently led her hips from side to side. I could feel his cock inside me trembling. A few seconds later, I was again ready for the role of a passionate rider. Soon I fell on the man’s chest completely exhausted, having a powerful orgasm. He made one move my hips and flooded depth cloud of sperm.

The position of “woman on top” provides a number of benefits for both partners. On the positive side of this option intercourse may include the availability of the stimulation of the clitoris, the appearance of a woman’s ability to fully control the duration of the process, the depth of penetration member and a movement speed. This position is very convenient partner during pregnancy, with a significant difference in weight (thin woman full of man), and also in the hot season, when the close contact of bodies brings some discomfort.
Oleg Priemykhov, physiologist.

We were each other’s arms, he stroked my shoulders, gently kissed her neck. “You were gorgeous as ever!” – Said the stranger. I recognized the voice of her lover, and sprinkle his face with passionate kisses. “Why did not you call?” – I asked. “I wanted to surprise you,” – he laughed.

We were drinking coffee in the kitchen at the open window. I never thought that someone would be able to climb to the fifth floor and therefore always keep the windows open. In the summer heat cool night is a must.