That night I was awakened by the sobs of his wife coming a from the next room. We no longer sleep together. What can you do? Age is the age. Because of my prostatitis, our sexual relations had virtually stopped three years ago. Once Barbara and is in bed get up! And now we’re too old for this, sex life after 60 has lost all meaning.

Even if the loss of erections associated with pathological disorders and diseases of the male genital, do not put an end to sexual relations. Rejection of the intimate life of a negative impact on the general state of the organism. To resume sex after a forced or voluntary abstinence, need an appropriate mental attitude. For example, a joint visit to the theater, exhibitions, watching movies with erotic content. And at the age of 60 years is possible intimacy. The more often you will carry out such efforts, the sooner will feel a surge of strength for foreplay. In some cases, there comes a partial recovery of potency.
Benet Konberri, doctor-sexologist.

“What’s wrong, honey?” – I asked sleepily, looking into his wife’s room.
She did not answer. I went into the bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed. Barbara passionately embraced me and began to shower kisses on my face, neck, shoulders.
“Jimmy, tell me you love me, tell me what you need me!”
“Of course, my dear, you are very necessary to me” – I said.

Barbara over her head slipped off her nightgown and pressed her bare breasts against my body, packed in warm pajamas. ABOUT! How long since we were not together! All she clung tightly to me, covered by long-forgotten passion. Through the fabric of her night robe, I felt her small breasts, the nipples were surprisingly solid. Trembling with excitement, his wife glared at my lips passionate long kiss. Oh, a few years ago, I’d love to pokuvyrkatsya in bed with his pretty wife. But now, my penis did not even budge. I grabbed her breasts with both hands, gently squeezing them, played a little excited nipples.
“Jimmy! – Wife suffocated groan, – Oh! Jimmy! “I took her by the shoulders and shook strongly.
“Well, what’s the matter, dear? Calm down. What you suddenly found? ”
“Jimmy! – I begged Barbara – do not you want to be with me? “Her voice was heard pleading.
“What are you up? You probably had a bad dream. You cried so that woke me up. Go to bed, go to sleep yet, “- the only thing I could answer that call.

A woman’s ability to experience sexual desire to not depend on age. Often menopausal female libido only increased, due to an increase in the quality of life and lack of conception. Enjoy the intimate caresses possible after 60 years. We know that a healthy sex has a positive effect on life expectancy. Sometimes gain erotic sensuality in old age shows the tumor process in the ovaries. But if a medical examination showed no abnormalities, then restrain their sexual impulses are not necessary.
Olga Petrenko, a gynecologist.

I kissed her forehead and stroked his cheek and left the room, shuffling slippers. Even before he could get into his bed again, I heard noises coming from the bedroom of his wife. Returning, I slightly opened the door and looked inside. Soft light a lamp lit up a small space. My wife was lying on his back across the bed, her sobs choked her.

I saw Barbara with one hand began to stroke her breasts, fingering a small nipple. Fingers of the other hand, she caressed his crotch, slightly apart, knees bent legs. Apparently, she is deeply penetrated into their vagina because sobs were straining of her breasts were becoming quieter, she was just panting. I watched as Barbara furiously tormented her breasts, squeezing her nipples with your fingers. The other hand moved rhythmically wife in the abdomen. Finally, she squeezed his hand hips, lingering gasped and froze.

I quietly closed the door and went to his room. Sleep after seeing it was not possible. His head swarmed thoughts. What should I do? Do not nonsense sex life after 60? Surely in this age a woman can experience sexual desire? If so, my frantic Barbara is sure to find a young lover. Why would she ruin this as I am? It is terrible and sad, because we have almost 40 years together.

Anybody can I have any advice? I must say that stimulant medications do not work on me. It looks like my male power irretrievably lost.