That day I came home from work earlier than usual. Things in the office in a knotted schedule, so I decided that I could not afford to stay up late. On reaching his mansion in the west of Prague, I put the car in the garage and walked into the living room through the back door. I wanted to take a shower and get some rest before the arrival of his wife. My Dzhudita Wednesday visited her beautician and returned not until six in the evening. I automatically looked at his watch, arrows showed a quarter to four.

Suddenly it seemed to me that heard a strange noise from the top floor. Climbing the stairs, I listened. The sounds came from the bedroom. It was like the moaning and growling at the same time. “Heck! – I thought – that there is going on, “I took off my shoes and tiptoed reached the door of our room with my wife?. My first thought was that the house to pick up stray animals, so I decided to proceed with caution.

Slightly open bedroom door, I was petrified by what he saw. Hairy man lying across our bed, and my wife, on her knees, licking his erection. The guy with one hand pressed Dzhudity head to his groin and the other crumpled blanket. From his throat rushed moans of pleasure. I wanted to scream, but my breath. For five minutes, I watched as Judy takes in a stranger’s mouth member to the root, and his hands caressed his testicles. Finally, he shot a jet of sperm, and my dear little wife quickly began to swallow, sweetly smacking.

Here is a slut! I have five years of marriage she had never done a blowjob. On my entreaties to perform oral sex, the wife always modestly kept silent or said that it is unpleasant. Education, you see, does not allow! While I meditated, the man got up and sat on the edge of the bed. I recognized him, it was Tomas – twice removed cousin of my wife. Heck! It’s a real incest!

Sexual relations between cousins ​​and second cousins ​​relatives are not incest in terms of genetics and legislation. Legislation in many countries such couples are allowed to marry. Here you can talk only about violations of moral principles. But this view is disputed. Drinking morality develops each individual based on personal worldviews and social environment conditions.
Franz Kilbert, a psychologist.

Unaware that they are being watched, the couple continued their love joy. Now Dzhudita lay down on the bed, legs spread. Thomas fell down to the bottom of her stomach and began to lick pussy juices expiring desire. I heard Judy moan with pleasure. “Dear, dear, – she kept saying – so, yes, good!” She bent over the body of his cousin and soon caresses, clasped his neck, legs, stopped by surging orgasm. The man lay down next to my wife and began to knead her breasts, she caressed his hand member, from which he began to grow in size.

I understand that the continuation will be even hotter. But look at this mess in my bedroom had no more strength. I jerked open the door, they jumped as if stung and looked at me with eyes full of horror. What was I to do? What would you do in this situation?

I looked at their pale faces and tried to figure out what to say brazen lovers. From indignation someone stuck in my throat. After a few steps to the bed, I swung and slapped a resounding slap to his wife. Then he attacked with fists on Tomas. Judy ran to me and, standing on his knees, embraced his feet. “Patrick, I implore you! We have nothing! “- Tearfully told his wife.

Dramas unfolding against the backdrop of adultery, often end up very sad situations – from battering to death. In a civilized society should be able to control your emotions. After all, in the end, nothing extraordinary happened. Released just two: divorce or an adulterer or simply change. Third, as they say, is not given.
Jim Futures, a psychologist.

Taking advantage of a pause, a cousin out of the room, taking their belongings. Dzhudita cried, burying her in my lap. I pulled the pants and pulled out his penis. Raising his wife by the shoulders, I told her to make me the same thing that she got up with Tomasz. It fully showed their art! Her tongue deftly running along the entire length of my penis, lips gently caressed the head. Hold the neck of his wife, I put my dick in her mouth to the throat. She did not resist and did everything right. The final push I came straight into her mouth, and she did not shed a single drop, though I could see that she barely has time to swallow.

Divorce with Dzhuditoy I did not. But our relationship is now supplemented with new sexual games, which I had not even dreamed of.