That evening, I was beside myself with anger. Just I phoned his wife and said that he would return home until morning. She worked as a waitress in a restaurant, and such delays, though were not rare, but always irritated me. In my imagination, I drew that Clara cheating on me with some fat uncle. No, this should not be, even in bed with my wife never takes the initiative, behaves quite cold. It seems that it interested in sex less often.

It was about eight in the evening. I splashed some whiskey into a glass, added a good portion of ice and sat on the couch watching TV. A bottle put together on the table, today I decided to thoroughly drunk. Suddenly the doorbell rang. Who is there even brought? I slowly trudged open since hops have hit in the head.
In front of me was Bertha, a neighbor from the floor above. She was wearing a short robe, tight-fitting luxuriant body and home slippers on his bare feet. “I have an apartment in the lights went out – with a gentle voice, the girl said, – probably smashed machines. Can you see? ”

I was not in a position to fulfill the role of an electrician. Therefore invited Burt to get in and have a drink with me. She stepped over the threshold and looked around. “Are you alone? Is Clara’s not at home? “- She asked. “It is not! It is again delayed by his stupid job! “- I hissed through clenched teeth. “Do not be so upset,” – said Berta and gently stroked my cheek.
I do not know what came over me. I grabbed her hand and leaning on a neighbor all over, pressed the girl to the entrance hall wall. She struggled when I, with his robe, he tried to pull off her panties.

Emotional stress often becomes aggression, including sexual. Feeling anger, irritation or a flash of anger, a man throws emotions tucked on the first object. If you would place the girl turned out to be a postman or a plumber, this situation could turn into a fight or, at best, verbal abuse.
Alla Surovtseva psychologist.

I began to kiss her on the lips while his hands squeezing magnificent breasts. I knew what I was doing to hurt her. Then I felt that she ceased to resist and respond to my kisses. She hugged my neck, pressing her closer to me. My cock stiffened. Bert stroked him through his pants cloth, it seemed to me that he was about to shoot from these bold touches.

Releasing a neighbor from the embrace, I said, “I’m sorry, I did not need to do that.” “Nothing,” – Bert said, adjusting her robe. “You will drink with me?” – I asked. She nodded her head. We walked into the room, and I poured her a drink. She sat next to me on the couch, her body proximity drove me crazy. I leaned back on her and started to kiss her. Now my hands are gently crushed chest neighbor, her nipples become solid, and his breath quickened. Climbing under the robe, I stroked her ass and thighs Bertha.

Here in my head flashed the thought that I was doing the nasty to his wife. I pulled away from her neighbor, and leaned back on the couch. Burt’s hand touched my penis excited and said: “You do not want me?” I really like it. But what about Clara? As if reading my thoughts, she said, almost in a whisper: “Do not worry, she will not know anything.” Bert unzipped his robe, and he slipped from her bare shoulders. She took off her panties and began to unbutton my pants.

Tolerate no longer had the strength. Freed from the clothes, I tumbled down on the couch and neighbor, extending her wide hips, slowly began to enter her wet pussy. She moaned: “Faster, Bobby” No, I wanted to prolong the pleasure, and moved so slowly as he could. Berta so fiercely podmahivala ass that I necessarily had to be accelerated. Her loud moans already passed a scream and I covered her mouth with a kiss. Bending under me for the last time, she went limp. I have not yet received a discharge and was moving faster and faster. “Be careful, Bobby – whispered Bert, – I can get pregnant.” I understood it all, and at the last moment sharply pulling member of her vagina, the sperm produced in the stomach of the girl.

Coitus interruptus is not able to protect against unwanted pregnancy. A certain number of sperm inevitably falls into the vagina, and to commit enough conceived only one sperm. Therefore, unprotected sex is always fraught with danger, both in terms of pregnancy and infection diseases, sexually transmitted diseases.
Olga Strumnova, a gynecologist.

We lay there a little hugging, then Berta asked her to pour whiskey. While I carried her request, she had to get dressed. “Time to go home, – she said, smiling, – I’m not even the door shut.” “Wait, I’m with you, because you need to deal with the electrician,” – I replied, pulling on his pants. “With them, it’s all right,” – Bert laughed and kissed me on the cheek. A moment later I heard the door close behind her. And what was that? Did she specially came, somehow knowing that my Clara is not at home? There are more questions than answers. Since then, we do not interfere with Bertha, but I hope that at the next meeting, it will be able to explain everything to me.