Hello! I’ve often read stories of women who have changed their husbands with foreigners. This happens most often during recreation on the southern resorts. This happened to me in the Turkish city of Marmaris. I was there alone, we arrived with my husband and settled in a very nice hotel. One evening my husband and I went to a restaurant. A cozy place is almost on the beach.

It sounded cool music, and I was invited to dance a beautiful tall guy. Perhaps he was a local, because generally speaking in Turkish, and I understood with difficulty. During the dance, the man pressed me too close, I pushed it a little, showing his eyes at her husband sitting at the table.

Through time, the husband said that it was time to leave. But I really wanted to stay, and I began to persuade him to sit some more. We quarreled, and he left alone. Order a still wine, I decided to get drunk. Suddenly comes up to me the same gentleman and again invites to dance. At this point in the absence of her husband, he gave vent to his hands, felt I was literally all from head to toe. A and did not resist, I was even nice.

Adultery is most often caused by factors of female and male polygamy. It has always existed, and it is impossible to talk about the excessive laxity of modern society. However, in the present circumstances, when a high risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS, should refrain from such situations.
Benjamin Pluzhnikov, venereal disease.

Then we drank with him, and he started something quick to speak their language. I had understood only a few words, I think he wants to show some sort of local landmark. He pulled me by the hand and somewhere called. I went after him, and we were in a narrow room, which in addition to the table and chairs had nothing. Leaning me against the wall, the guy started to unbutton my blouse. When my breasts were in his hands, I felt that I did not mind this little affair. The fact that the husband may look for me, at that time did not even think.

The man gently squeezed my breasts, then he lifted my skirt and slipped his fingers into her panties. I am so excited that my pussy became very wet. The guy just lifted me and sat on the table. He pulled off my panties and parted my legs, put them on his shoulders. When he got out of his pants his cock, I was amazed by its size. Such a large and thick penis I’ve never seen even in pictures.

Surprisingly it is quite easy to come into my wet pussy. However, for the first time, I was a little hurt, and I cried out involuntarily. Man squeezed my mouth with his hand and began to move uniformly, spitted me on his penis full depth. He was holding my hands behind your buttocks, and was moving faster and faster. Screaming I’m not going to just moans of pleasure torn from my throat.

It seemed to me that this big cock pierces through my body. Movement of the men were so fast, I just gasped with delight. I would like this to continue indefinitely. He suddenly stopped and pulled his penis out of my pussy. A sigh of anger and frustration burst out of my chest. The guy pulled me to the floor and turned his back, bent his chest against the table. He came into my pussy from behind. Again began a mad delight. He just growled at me vsazhivaya his huge penis.

Wave strongest orgasm covered me in that moment, when I felt that he poured out a stream of sperm into me. When he took out his big dick limp, its size still seemed very high. As soon as he could fit me?

The length of the vagina in women is usually 8-9 centimeters. Therefore, sexual intercourse with a partner, having a considerable size of the penis, can be fraught with tears vagina and cervical injuries. The anatomical structure of the female genital organs are not designed for intercourse with “giants”. The conventional wisdom that all the ladies dream of a big and thick penis, nothing more than a delusion. In such cases, in addition to pain, the woman will not be able to receive other sensations. However, the fair sex are deviations from the normal vaginal sizes in one direction or another. That is, it can be as short or quite long.
Semen Sherkevich, a gynecologist.

When I was a little brought myself up, the man brought me back to the terrace of the restaurant. Paid the waiter, I went to my hotel. Fortunately, my husband was asleep and did not notice my absence. I took a shower and got into bed next to her husband. Sleep for a long time it was not possible, in my mind over and over again scrolled episodes of this incredibly sweet adventure.